Who We Are & What We Do


“Who We Are & What We Do.” Wow, we’ve come so far from when I (Hadassah S.) had the idea of starting a modest fashion blog with some of my dearest friends. It’s incredible how these girls have been so joyful and kept pushing me along the way as I worked on this website. The first e-mail that I wrote suggesting this idea was early this July. Several girls wrote me back and said they’d love to do it, but could they be a fashionista, and not a crafter? I only panicked a little, since I have never done something like this. 🙂 So then came lots of e-mails from me, asking everyone if they could send a picture of themselves, who you want to be on the blog, or suggesting blog schedule’s, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture 😉

So that’s why I’m here. To tell you who we are, inside and out, and what we do. First of all, I have to tell you this:
We are Christian girls who are posting Christian, modest content for your inspiration on outfits, hair, and more. We also have several crafters in this blog, so you’ll see a lot of creative juices flowing. 😉

That’s the gist of who we are. Community, Modesty, and Joy are just the three main ones, but we also work with each other as dear, dear friends, not just bloggers who know each other through WordPress.

Now I’ll get to the dear people who have helped with this blog:


Charlotte B. : Our Photography & Techie. She’s always there when we need her! Her favorite hobbies are photography, blogging, thrifting, sewing, knitting, and just about everything.

Oh my goodness. I would not be here without her! She helped me set up this blog on WordPress (I’m an old blogspot blogger!) and helping me with the logo. Just everything she does brings a smile on my face. 😀

Some of you may know her, since she is the youngest sister of the modest fashion site, boyersisters.com. She has had so many years of experience as a modest fashion blogger along with her two sisters. These days she is mainly working on b-well.co , her latest site working alongside her oldest sister with essential oils. So if you like “stuff like that,” head over there!! 🙂

She will not be a regular blogger, but just more of a behind-the-scenes of what goes on around here at JY.

IMG_9946-2 2

Julianne K. : Our Beauty, Crafter & Hair Tutorialist. Sister to Caroline K., as well as four others! She is a wonderful big sister, piano player, friend, and Christian. She’s always there when we need a hug! ❤

This girl. Wow, she is such an inspiring older sister I never had. She is going to be a regular tutorialist in the beauty, crafting, and hair departments. Hands down, she is so good at everything she does! She is also the sister of Caroline K., who I’ll go to in a moment! ❤

DSCN1510[1] 2

Caroline K. : Our Crafter and Beauty & Hair Tutorialist. A horse-lover, friend-maker, piano-player, and Jesus-lover. Sister to five others, and dear friend to more than ten! From crafting to doing hair, she does it all!

Such a dear older friend of mine! She was the first person I met when we moved to Ohio seven years ago. I was so shy, and so was she, so we were pretty good friends, pretty fast. 😉 She will be doing the same things as her older sister, with crafting, beauty, and hair tutorials, which I am so, so, so excited to see!


Claire K. : Our Crafter & Fashionista. Loving sister to three and beach-girl at heart, Claire lives down in Alabama near the coastline. She loves crafting, going to the beach, visiting with friends, and making things with her hands.

She is our only blogger (so far) that does not live in the Cincinnati area of Ohio. She recently moved to the coastline of Alabama, but that does not mean she will not post! She’ll pop in with crafts and occasional outfits every now and then, and we are so thankful to have her on board! ❤

IMG_7551 2

Geneva U. : Our Jack-Of-All-Trades, she pops up on JY every once in awhile to share a craft, hair style, or an occasional outfit. A sister to eight & strong Catholic, she loves reading, going to Church, dancing, acting, hanging out with friends, and rambling in the woods with friends, occasionally taking pictures along the way.

Geneva is also such a dear friend of mine! She’ll be a fashionista here on JY, and although we won’t see her very much, she will always be there when we need her!! 🙂 I cannot wait to see what kind of creative outfits she’ll be posting, from dresses to costumes!

DSC_0260 2

Honor P. : Our Fashionista. Big sister to five, lover of bacon & chocolate, and strong debater. She loves going to Church, visiting with friends & family, having a good debate, reading a great book, and quoting Shakespeare.

So blessed to have her on board as another fashionista! She’ll be posting spontaneously on outfits & accessories, and I am very excited to see her first post! I always love her outfits so much, so I’ll be her #1 fan when she posts something! 😀


Hadassah S. : The Founder of Joyfully You. Hadassah blogs her outfits & accessories to brighten up her day and yours! Amateur violinist and sister to eight; her favorite hobbies are organizing her closet, blogging, buying new shoes, laughing with friends, and, of course, taking pictures with her Canon camera. She is so blessed to be working alongside with Christian girls like these! ❤

And finally, me! I will be blogging my outfits & accessories to “brighten up my day, and yours!”

I recently got interested in modest fashion and “stuff like that,” on my last birthday. Now I follow Pinterest boards, follow modest fashion blogs, and have started my own blog with 7 (so far) other girls!

It truly has been a wonderful adventure starting this blog, and we’re all so excited to get started! So keep checking back here for more!

All for now,

Hadassah S. (Fashionista & Founder of Joyfully You)

6 thoughts on “Who We Are & What We Do

  1. Geneva Ulmer says:

    The journey has begun! 🙂 Way to go, Hadassah! You are such an amazing trail blazer!! I can’t wait to see what joys this lovely blog will bring!

    Liked by 4 people

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