Hair Tutorial: Tauriel’s 3 braids style

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying a fabulous week!

Today I’ll be sharing with you all one of my personal favorite hairstyles! It’s very beautiful, yet easy to do! It’s my common go-to hairstyle for my youngest sister, who was my happy model. 🙂 She’s worn it for Church, speech and debate club, picnics, etc. Numerous people have commented on it without even knowing it was inspired by Taruiel’s hairstyle from the Hobbit movies.


I’ll start off with my supplies. You only will need three elastic bands, a comb, and a brush. It is possible to use the plastic disposable rubber bands, however I prefer the reusable hair elastics. Also, two of them should be matching, however one can be a different color.

  1. Lace braids

Start off with a center part. Beginning on one side, gather a small section to begin a french braid. Angling toward the crown of the head, add in hair only from center part, creating a lace braid. Do this until you reach the crown of the head.


You have two options now. Either clip it off or, as I prefer to do, braid to the end and have my sister hold it. Now repeat the lace braid on the other side. Join the two lace braids together in a “v” shape with one of the matching color bands. Here is a picture of the top of her head.20170817_152913.jpg

2. Fishtail

Take the ponytail part from the lacebraids and divide in half. Take a tiny portion from the outside of the left half, cross over the left half, and join with the right half. Now take a small portion from the outside of the right half, go over, and join with the left half. Repeat until the fishtail is about 7-8 inches long. Tie off with an elastic (use the different color if you choose to use it.)

3. Rope braid

Now comes time for the final braid! Sometimes I skip this final braid to achieve a different look, however I prefer this finishing touch. Take two pieces of hair by the ear and below the lace braid. If you want to achieve an elvish look, leave a small piece of hair in front of the ear. Twist the individual strands towards the left and then wrap around each other towards the right. You may need to practice a few times before it looks right. Have your sister hold the first rope braid while you repeat on the other side.

Crisscross the two rope braids together behind the head about 2 inches above the end of the fishtail. (It should look similar to an “X”.) Use the final elastic band to join the rope braids with the fishtail. Remove the second elastic at the end of the fishtail.


Now you are done!!! 

Here are some photos of the finished project! Many thanks to my sister, Caroline K., who helped photograph this tutorial.

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you try this hairstyle out!

Have a blessed week!

Julianne K. (Crafter and Beauty & Hair Tutorialist on Joyfully You)


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