Hadassah’s (Modest) Fall Inspiration


Hello everyone!

It’s been more than a month since I (Hadassah S.) last did a post on Joyfully You, and I’ve missed it! Partly why I haven’t done posts up here is because I’ve had so much fun reading my “team’s” posts! Julianne’s Hair Tutorial was awesome, and I loved Geneva’s post on blogging thoughts. πŸ˜‰

Fall (or autumn, if you’d like) has hit us like a hurricane. Literally. The people in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida (and whatever other states where hit by the hurricanes) I’m sure just wanted autumn to come! Yet… they got not one hurricane, but three. 😦

Thankfully lots of help has been issued in those areas, and we’ve all been praying for them at our house. (Go here if you’d like ideas to help hurricane victims)

Here in the Cincinnati area of Ohio, fall has come and the leaves are just starting to turn lovely shades of orange, red, and yellow. My closet at the moment is filled with half summer things and half winter/fall things. Why? Because Ohio drives me CRAZY with the never-changing crazy weather! One day it’s hot and sunny and in the mid 80s, and the next I have to wear a heavy jacket to go outside! πŸ˜›

So lately I’ve been looking at Pintrest for some ideas for my fall outfits. And I finally signed up for Polyvore, so I can use that to make fun modest outfits and inspiration. πŸ˜‰


I’ve been addicted to black and white stripes lately and blue button downs. So when I saw this picture on Pinterest, I immediately thought of some autumn inspiration that I’ve been trying to cover in my wardrobe. Plus midi skirts are just SO cute!! *heart eyes*

Not particular colors that look good on me, but I’ve been really trying to add some cute cardigans over a short-sleeved dress with belts. I LOVE layering in autumn and it is my absolute favorite season. ❀

Gray has been slowly adding to my closet as one of my more “neutral” colors for layering, especially skirts and dresses. I don’t actually wear white shirts very often, but I was inspired to after seeing this picture (Plus I’ve been wearing belts more often!). I just got to remember to wear an apron in the kitchen, because I always stain white things! (Does anyone else have that problem??)

Stripes, midi skirts, and flats again! You can tell what I’ve been loving and wanting to add to my wardrobe. In purses/bags, I always get the crossbody bags since so I don’t lose them.

Also totally want to get a jean jacket this year! I’ve always kinda shyed away from them since I don’t want to look grungy or wear one that looks distressed, but I totally want to get one to wear it like a sweater with a cute skirt + white t-shirt.

So that’s my modest fall inspiration. I’m not a person who wants to really start a capsule closet, but I do try to buy (generally thrift) things that will match something else in my closet. Also for other modest inspiration, I follow the Boyer Sisters, Fresh Modesty, and A Clothes Horse, and they usually inspire me to wear something that I haven’t worn in awhile because I didn’t realize THOSE two colors went together!

What’s your fall inspiration this year?

All for now,

Hadassah S.

6 thoughts on “Hadassah’s (Modest) Fall Inspiration

  1. hisinstrumentblog says:

    Wow! This is fantastic! It’s often very difficult to find modest clothes that are still cute, but you’ve done a great job of putting together some suggestions! Question: Where can I find midi skirts? That’s exactly the kind of skirt I’ve been looking for for years, but I’ve never found any!
    I’m a huge fan of knee-length skirts with leggings as a fall fashion. Jean jackets are also a great way to pull an outfit together!
    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you and your team!


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