September Book Picks

Well, it seems like I should start off my first blog post ever with something eye-catching. Perhaps a snappy introduction to myself, or an inspirational quote that encapsulates all my life goals. Maybe a humorous antecdote would get things started off right, or, better yet, a picture of some mouthwatering delicacy. Or maybe…I’ll just start the post. Right.

I’m Honor Persing, and if you know anything about me, you know that I love to read. Ever since I was five years old and cracked open my first Little House novel, there hasn’t been much that can pull me away from a good book. So with that in mind, it’s fitting that my first post here should be some book reviews! The following three titles are picked from a list of books I’ve read recently. These are the ones that distinguished themselves for their plot, characters, or just plain fun.And-Then-There-Were-None-HarperCollins-US

I’ll be the first to admit that for some, this book might be a little too morbid. After all, it’s no spoiler to say that by the end of the book, every main character is dead. And if this were a book by any other author, it would be nothing more than an incredibly depressing story. This, however, is not a book by any other author. And Then There Were None is a mystery by Agatha Christie, which means everything. We manage to connect with the characters, even as we notice their flaws. We cringe at the hypocritical self-righteousness, and the selfish instincts of survival, but we can’t help but feel their horror and fear, as one by one they die. Alone on a deserted island, the pasts of all ten characters catch up with them, creating a fascinating whodunnit that also explores human nature and sin. A captivating read that remains one of my all-time favorites.



No, I did not accidentally post the wrong picture for this next title. The next outstanding book from my recent reading is indeed The Iliad, the ancient Greek classic poem written by Homer. I admit, a school assignment was what first drew me to this book. I am eternally grateful for that; otherwise, the odds are very low that I would ever had read this classic. The epic tale of the anger of Achilles, the war on Troy, and the gods of Greece is a fascinating read. The poetic format is a perfect fit for the sweeping story, and Homer is a master of words, bringing the conflict to life. As the great warrior heroes – Odysseus, Hector, Agamemnon, and Achilles – make choices that will affect their history forever, we cannot help but be drawn into their story, for it has definitely stood the test of time for good reason.


Judging this book by the cover is incredibly misleading. From the graphics employed there, one would expect a sappy romance involving a mysterious gentleman and a beautiful lady. Maybe a mysterious castle even figures into the predictable plot. However, nothing could be furthur from the truth. This book is not a romance, and our main character is certainly not mysterious. He is, however, a relatable and charming boy with a love for his family and complicated mathematics. This unique knowledge makes him a key player in a fascinating drama involving a mysterious illness and a broken city. More than just an adventure story, this book gives us grief, regret, moral dilemmas, and a fantastic and unpredictable plot full of surprising twists.

Well, there are my picks! I hope you enjoyed reading them, and perhaps discovered a new favorite of your own. Farewell for now!

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