November Christmas Ornament Exchange!


Hello everyone!

I (Hadassah) am here today to bring you some exciting, most wonderful time of the year news! Yes, I know: It’s only November, but you’ve probably seen Christmas everywheeere already!

So that it is why Karina, at Merciful Moments is hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange!! + A GIVEAWAY for young ladies!!! SO double yay! 🙂

Karina’s goal is to bring young ladies (not just young women but our “elderly” women as well!) together and get a new pen-pal, plus a brand new (handmade or store-bought) ornament to hang on your tree! And we here at Joyfully You get to be part of it! So what are you waiting for?

THIS EXCHANGE IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY!! So whether you live in England, Germany, Africa, or halfway across the world, you can be part of this exchange!

Now let’s talk about the rules:


You must make or purchase an ornament to send to your ornament recipient. Please be sure not to send a broken, chipped, or stained ornament.


Send a Christmas themed item such as stationary, a hot beverage, candies, treats, etc. in the package.


Include an introductory letter,  (stating who you are, what state you live in, what your hobbies are, etc.) your favorite bible verse, and why.

During this exchange you will send an ornament to a new friend and you will receive an ornament from a new friend. After you receive a package you are required to send a thank you note to the sender.  In the end you will be earning two new pen-pals which is double the fun!

You MUST fill out the form that will make sure you’re really serious (and excited!) about the exchange! Fill it out here: Form For The Exchange!

RULE #4:

From Karina:

“If you sign up you are committed to sending a Christmas ornament. If you are unable to participate please let me know before November 22.

 The sign up will begin today, November 8, and will end on November 22. I will email each of the participants between November 23-27 with the information that you will need to send your package.

After you receive the information it’s time to send out the package. The package must be sent out no later than December 2. If you choose to ship internationally you should send your package out as soon as you receive your partner information because shipping can take up to two or more weeks.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share the news of this event with your friends. My goal is to have as many women as possible participate so that new Christian friends are made. Bloggers feel free to encourage your followers to participate too!

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or direct message me on my instagram account. Please remember to have fun during this exchange and let the Christmas ornament exchange begin!” ~Karina @ Merciful Moments

All participants will automatically be entered into the giveaway!! It has lots of pen pal goodies, so I suggest you go enter the form to get entered in! 🙂

Me (on behalf of the JY girls) and Karina are both so excited about this! We’re so excited to see how many girls we can get!

Thank you all for joining us! If you have any questions, you can contact Karina at Merciful Moments, or on her Instagram account here. 
Love you all! Merry (very early) Christmas! Can’t wait to see you join!
~Hadassah, Founder of Joyfully You ❤
P.S. Also some other exciting news: Madison, at Delightful World of Dolls is having a giveaway! Check her’s out here!

3 thoughts on “November Christmas Ornament Exchange!

  1. Grace says:

    Hi Hadassah!

    I tried to view the form but I was not letting me is said “The form Christmas Ornament Exchange Sign-Up Form is no longer accepting responses.
    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.” Do you know what to do to enter?



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