Hadassah’s {Modest} Fashion Winter Inspiration!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I (Hadassah) posted something here on JY that was a personal post, not a “on-behalf-of-the-joyfully-you-team” post. Not that I mind those! xD

Joyfully You has been such a blessing in my life, and as we are adding more content each month- and even adding a few new members- I am so blessed and encouraged to know girls like these. When I first started JY back in July, my goal was to have it be just modest fashion. (You’ll see the blog has changed since then!) I have never been a HUGE fan of every fashion, but as I started to be a pre-teen, I realized how much modest fashion inspires my everyday life, and how much my “style” can describe me, especially when becoming a young lady.

Yet, not a lot of my friends were into fashion like I was. Sure, they dressed very cute and modest, and didn’t attract attention to themselves, but they weren’t like fashion bloggers who go down to the detail of the tag on your shirt. 🙂 Joyfully You soon became a blog for “Community, Modesty, and Joy.” 

Those three things aren’t just what we’re made of. You’ll see (hopefully more in the near future) crafts, and hair tutorials, and thoughts, and beautiful, beautiful wonderful people creating wonderful content for young ladies, girls, and Christians. I am so pleased to know these girls, and as our friendships increase and we spend more time together as a team, I realize how much I am thankful for.


Anyways, today I wanted to share some cute outfits and inspiration for some winter outfits. Pretty much everyone of the outfits up above I found on Pinterest (here’s a cute board for you). Pinterest is a wonderful place for finding cute outfits, isn’t it? 🙂


Loafers + Floral + Cardigan + Tights + Bag + Cute Hairstyle = Easy Casual Outfit SOURCE       


Jean Jacket + Infinity Scarf + T-shirt + Thick Skirt + THOSE BOOTS = Easy Out On The Town Outfit! SOURCE.


Cute Boots + Tights + Pleated Skirt + Belt + Long Shirt + Scarf + Bracelet + Over-The-Shoulder Bag + Hair Down = Awesome Coffee Shop Outfit! 


Just this vest! Great winter staple! ❤ SOURCE.


Polka-Dot Dress + Bag + Tights + Flats + Easy Hair = Easy Church Outfit! SOURCE.


Button-Down Plaid + Polka Dot Skirt + Yellow Heels + Easy Waved Hair = Holiday Hostess Outfit! SOURCE.


Black Long Sleeved Tee + Plaid Skirt + Clutch + Pearls + Sunglasses + Watch + Easy Down Hair = City Outfit! SOURCE.


Head Wrap + Undershirt + Cute Sweater + Long Skirt + Heels + Earrings = Easy Church Outfit! SOURCE by Olivia.

Do you like all my fun/cute winter inspiration? What’s your favorite winter tips for dressing modestly/fashionably? Leave me a comment below! 🙂

Have a good winter/holiday season! ❤

Hadassah S.

12 thoughts on “Hadassah’s {Modest} Fashion Winter Inspiration!

  1. cherishedlovedbeautiful says:

    Well done, Hadassah!!! These are all so cute! Honestly, i never thought i’d be serious skirt fan, (me in my comfy sweats), but all your beautiful inspirations make my want to go buy some skirts to have fun with! Keep it up!
    Sisters in Christ


  2. ajoyfullnote says:

    Wow! This is SOOO cute!
    My mom and I are making a jean skirt. I normally do not like jean skirts but yay for having a mother who can sew just how you like it! But this gave me great ideas for outfits this winter!


    • Hadassah S. says:

      Thanks Emma for your comment! I have a mother who sews for me as well (when she can get the time to do so) and a jean skirt sounds fun, but tricky! I’ve never sewed with jean, but hopefully all goes well with your project! ❤



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