ThredUp: An Honest Review

*this post is not sponsored in anyway by ThredUp. All reviews & thoughts are my own*

I first heard about ThredUp on someone’s blog, and I never heard of this “amazing online thrifting site” they were raving about. I was curious, so I clicked on the link, wondering what this was all about. After reading some reviews, I signed up for ThredUp. (I don’t usually just sign up for random websites unless I know someone who uses whatever site it is and love it, LOL 🙂 )

After some browsing, I thought to myself, “Hey, this is a pretty amazing website!”  and had fun clicking around seeing what kind of clothing they had. If you know me, I’m a pretty big thrifter and lover of Goodwill, and even wrote a post on thrifting a few months ago. ThredUp is the biggest thrifting company right now, and SO many items are added each day to their site; it’s crazy!

Finding things on ThredUp is pretty easy. Their “saved searches,” make it easy to get e-mail notifications if you want something that just hasn’t been put in stock yet. Their saved sizes for shoes and clothing both, makes it easy to view just everything that they have on ThredUp, and if you can’t find something? They have a chat box below, and the people there are so nice! ThredUp’s stylists ask you what looks good on you and then help you find things and add them to your favorites. (Favorites are fun because you can ❤ everything that may look cute but don’t have to save links or anything like that!)

My first order on ThredUp was a necessity; Easter shoes. I found the cutest pair and ordered them. (Since there is no fitting room for ordering clothes/shoes/jewelry online, ThredUp has an easy return policy.) I also ordered another cute pair of flats, which I had been needing for awhile. My order was shipped and arrived, I believe, four to five days later. I tried on the shoes and was more than happy! They looked brand-new!

My other pair of flats lasted a long time, and as happy as I was with ThredUp, I spent some money 3 months later on a pair of sandals and a Anne Taylor Loft shirt that was well marked down! I received the package in four days as well, and was happy with my items- they looked BRAND NEW and I felt like I had shopped at the mall instead of ordering online to a thrifting company!

I don’t order a lot of things online, and I don’t spend my money very often. But as my fall wardrobe was getting too small for me, I used some birthday money and got a clutch, shirt, and warm (also Anne Taylor Loft) dress and happily added them to my 85% thrifted wardrobe, lol.

A few weeks ago, I was spending some money on Christmas presents, and ordered two pairs of earrings on ThredUp as gifts for two of my dear friends. Both sets were just $5.99. But, only one order shipped. I was confused when I just received one pair of earrings, and went to ThredUp Customer Service with my problem. A nice lady e-mailed me saying that ThredUp had lost the second set of earrings in their storage building since the numbers on each item are much like a library- – and some employee had probably put them in the wrong place. I wasn’t too upset, and she refunded me happily, but I was a little sad that I didn’t have a present for my friend.

Nevertheless, I still give ThredUp a 9 out of 10 stars, and am hoping next time I order, they’ll know where the item is. I am pleased that ThredUp has the world thrifting a little bit, and that they have so many things in stock! Even though you never know what’s in stock, you’ll usually find a general item you’re looking for!

So that’s my review on ThredUp. If you use this link- – (link: ThredUp) and order your first order, I’ll get a credit on my account! It’s such a fun place and I really will be ordering more from them soon.

Hadassah ❤

P.S. Oh! And their packaging is so fun! Each order comes in a green polka-dot box or envelope and they have the cutest little things inside. 😍 You can tell their orders are packed by people- not machines! This year I reused their polka-dot wrapping paper to wrap some of my presents- after all, thrifting and recycling are near the same thing, right? 😋

9 thoughts on “ThredUp: An Honest Review

  1. Lily Testi says:

    I haven’t used thredup yet but I want to sometime! My friend told me about it and I still need to buy something. LOL It’s nice to see some reviews about it!
    Lily @


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