Guest Post // 7 Modest Fashion Hacks

Hi everyone! I (Hadassah) am so excited to announce that Hannah R. from His Instrument blog will be doing a guest post today! I met Hannah through Kingdom Pen, and after looking at Joyfully You, said she’d love to do a guest post if I’d be willing someday! Well, that day has come, and today she is talking all about seven awesome modest fashion hacks!


Clothes shopping is always a struggle for me. You know the feeling. You’re looking at a rack of clearance items, and you notice a cute maxi skirt, but when you pull it out, you realize it’s sheer fabric with a miniskirt underneath. Or you find a beautiful blouse and hold it up—only to find the back is made entirely of lace and you can see straight through it!

It’s often a challenge to dress modestly and still feel beautiful. Sometimes, it seems like the easiest solution would be to just wear choir robes all the time! 😀 But it’s important to remember two things: First of all, our beauty doesn’t come from what we wear, but from who we are in Christ. Second of all, it is possible to wear beautiful, fashionable clothes and still be modest!

Frustrations over store-bought clothes have inspired me to get resourceful with my wardrobe. I’ve discovered a few tricks and tips to help me wear the cute clothes I find at the store, and still dress in a manner glorifying to our King! Here are a few wardrobe hacks from my closet.

1) Camisoles. These are often fairly inexpensive, and they’re a fashion life-saver. Is your shirt too short? Put a camisole underneath. Is the neckline too low? A camisole is the solution. They’re tight tanktops that come in all different colors, and I have a multitude of white and black ones that can be used for almost any occasion. If you find a shirt with lace sections, a contrasting color of camisole, or even t-shirt, can make it wearable and beautiful.

*source: Fresh Modesty

2) Leggings. It’s really hard to find skirts that are long enough to wear without anything underneath. Fortunately, leggings help with that problem. I still like to make sure my dress or skirt comes almost to my knees, but when I add a pair of leggings underneath, it ensures that I’ll be able to bend over and move freely without worrying about what my skirt is doing. Black leggings are versatile, but they also come in many other colors and can be the perfect touch for any outfit—particularly for a fall and winter wardrobe.

3) Slips. These are especially helpful if you have a maxi skirt with a miniskirtunderneath. I like to knee-length plain white or cream slip and put it on between the mini and maxi skirt layers. This lets you still wear that beautiful skirt, but provides a little more coverage underneath.

4) Safety pins. As basic as this sounds, safety pins can help tailor a lot of outfits to your purposes. Whether you’re pinning a camisole to your bra straps to keep it from gapping open, or pinning a blouse to your camisole to keep it from sliding off your shoulders, safety pins provide a little extra security.

5) Cut camisoles. Do you have a shirt that’s fine on the top, but too short on thebottom? Cut your camisole in half, and wear only the bottom part. You can tuck it into the top of your skirt, and it provides you the freedom to reach and bend more comfortably. Or, if you only need coverage on the top but don’t want to be too warm, use only the top half.

6) Add a scarf. As long as you don’t plan on removing it, sometimes a fashion scarf isthe best thing to cover up peeking straps, or to make up for a shirt that’s just a tad too low. I often like to wear a camisole, too, in these situations, but especially if you’re looking to turn a more summery shirt into something warm enough for winter, scarves make an excellent solution.

7) Add a jacket or sweater. If you don’t want to wear just a tank top, or if you’re having trouble finding long-sleeved blouses, a jean jacket or plaid flannel shirt can be a nice touch. Whether you want to wear your jacket open or closed, it can be a good way to turn a summer outfit into a winter one. I’ve found a couple of cardigans that I can wear with several different outfits, and it has really expanded my winter wardrobe. It’s often hard to find long-sleeved shirts that don’t have lace sections or holes cut into them, so jackets and sweaters make it easy not to need many long sleeves.


In a culture where it’s increasingly difficult to find modest clothing, I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. Remember, don’t get discouraged in your quest for purity in dress. Even though it’s hard, it is completely worth it! I know many Christians, both men and women, who say they truly appreciate it when young ladies make the effort to dress in a way that glorifies their Creator.

Never forget that God created you in His image, and you are beautiful! May He bless you as you strive to shine with the radiance of His joy, purity, and beauty!

Your sister in Christ,

Hannah R.

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