My Ear Piercing Story

Hello! I [Karina] am here to bring you another blog post! Today’s topic is about [drum roll please!] my ear piercing story. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the post!

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It all started when my family was strolling through a mall in Michigan. We came upon a Claire’s store and my mother suggested that I should get my ears pierced and I decided to take up the offer. My mother and I walked into the store and asked a sales assistant if she was up to the task. Of course, she was ready to tackle the job and walked us over to the ear piercing station so that I could pick out my first pair of earrings. I chose elegant gold earrings and walked out of the store with jewelry in my ears and a tickled spirit. A few weeks passed and I was finally able to replace my starter earrings with a new pair! I was so excited that I forgot to clean the new pair of earrings before I wore them which caused an irritation in my ears. Forgetting to clean the new pair of earrings was not the only reason why my ears were forming a rash. I found out that my ears were not a fan of “fake” earrings. So I took them out. After the rash had healed I attempted to put “real” earrings in but couldn’t get them through the holes. I went to my mother and asked if she could help me put the earrings in. She searched for my earring holes and found that they weren’t there. The rash had closed up the holes! That day I received my second (homemade) piercing. A few more years passed and I got lazy with putting in my earrings. Because of that, the holes closed up again.

For my twelfth birthday I decided to start the whole ear piecing process again, but this time I wasn’t going to use “fake” earrings and when I received a new pair of earrings I would clean them with alcohol. Here we are now! Earrings within and not an irritation in sight!

2018-02-06 06.45.04 1

What happened to my ears isn’t very common, but here is a tip to prevent any irritation from happening to your ears. Clean new earrings with alcohol before wearing them! Do you have any tips to prevent any bad things from happening to your earring holes?



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