Modest Boutiques



Hello, Karina here. Are you excited for spring? I sure am! The flowers, the crisp air, the spring clothing! Ahhhh… SPRING. Speaking of spring clothing, I needed (or rather desired) a new dress for Easter. I usually don’t buy brand new dresses but once or twice a year I get to pick out something fancy and new. I searched online and in-store for the “perfect” dress but my quest was very trying. Clothing nowadays isn’t made very modestly which makes it difficult for me to find the “perfect” outfit. During my quest to find the “perfect” spring dress I found the “perfect” online (modest) boutiques.

1.) Modest Maimi 

2.) Olive Ave

3.) Hello Modest

4.) Piper & Scoot

5.) Bluish & Co.

These boutiques have the CUTEST dresses + skirts. The best part is that their clothing is modest! Take a look at these online stores and let me know what you think.



8 thoughts on “Modest Boutiques

  1. mirroringjesus says:

    Yes!!! SPRING! 🙂 I don’t care much for cold weather 😛 I agree with you on the hardly ever buying new… I like never do, but my mom usually finds discounted new clothing for my birthday, Christmas, ect. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about buying a Easter dress 🙂 My mom got me covered from my birthday 🙂


  2. Teresa Hilderbrand says:

    Oh, Karina… I’m excited to browse these recommended online boutiques! You are going to be a wonderful inspiration to young ladies (AND women!) everywhere for your options of very modest, yet very stylish clothing! Bravo! This friend is very proud of you!💕

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  3. Teresa Hilderbrand says:

    At a glimpse, I especially like “Modest Maimi” AND “Hello Modest!” In particular, the maxi dresses; not to mention…the prices are quite reasonable! Well done, Karina!♥️


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