My Favorite Places // Modesty Shopping


Hi everyone! Hadassah here. 😉

Modest clothing can be SO hard to find. Especially if you’re new at the whole modest fashion world, this can be quite difficult! So today I’ve piled a huge list of my favorite places to shop AND some places I get my inspiration from to share with you guys! 😀

I know Karina posted about modest boutiques, so I decided to post here about the regular places you could always go too! Although these places are wonderful, boutiques often steal my heart more, LOL 😀


  1. TJ Maxx– They have such a great selection of dresses, cardigans, and other cute stuff! Always check the clearance racks for the best bargain 😉
  2. Amazon– I love Amazon because they usually have a pretty big selection, and you can easily return it if it doesn’t fit or it wasn’t what you were quite expecting 😀 In fact, I just ordered my Easter dress from there, and was absolutely amazed at how it fit so well!
  3. Boutiques- There’s so many modest boutiques out there! These are generally higher priced, but the quality is amazing! If you love to support small businesses, these are great and usually leave me as a happy customer. ❤
  4. Khol’s– You do have to look hard in department stores like Khol’s, but I always head for the clearance rack! You can get such cute dresses and modest tees for cheap at Khol’s. ❤
  5. Macy’s – Macys is always hard to find modest clothing, but just like Khol’s, you can get a good deal if you look hard enough.
  6. Cato – Guys, this is like my #1 go-to store if I’m looking for modest fashion! They have such. cute. stuff. ❤
  7. SHEIN. You do have to be careful since there’s some not very modest stuff on this website, but I have found really cute modest dresses etc., on there.
  8. Old Navy– Kinda obvious, but this place has always been our #1 for modest swimsuits! (Also great for t-shirts, cardigans, tights…)
  9. Etsy. Awesome place for supporting small businesses! I love looking on there for cute Bible verse tops, jean skirts, or just the cute stuff to browse in ❤
  10. Goodwill & thrift stores. It’s no secret I love a good Goodwill. Though you’re never ever sure on what you’ll find, you can find great stuff if you dig! I’ve found a Chadwicks jean skirt + a Old Navy modest swim shirt before, if I’d just dig! 😀


Some of my favorite places to find inspiration to style all the modest clothing in my wardrobe are these:

  1. Pinterest– my #1 go-to!! 😉
  2. Hello Modesty 
  3. Courtney Toliver 
  4. Fresh Modesty
  5. Boyer Sisters (dig into the archives!!)
  6. Our Wood Home
  7. Instagram– there’s sooo many awesome accounts out there!
  8. Minnie Muse
  9. Modest Style
  10. Modest Blondie


Thanks for stopping by!

Hadassah, Founder & Fashionista of Joyfully You ❤


P.S. Hey! I started a Poshmark closet! Go check it out here!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Places // Modesty Shopping

  1. Caroline K. says:

    Oh my, Dass!! That is such a gorgeous Easter dress!! I second what Kalea said!! Thanks for the tips! 🙂
    ❤ Caroline K.


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