Top 7 Spring Hairstyles

Hello all!

It’s Julianne here! One of my favorite hobbies is styling hair, possibly because I have two younger sisters who like to have pretty hairstyles. πŸ™‚

In spring, everything seems like it’s coming to life; it’s as if it’s a whole new world! Who else loves spring?!?! Well, this spring, as the weather warms up, the birds pop out, and flowers bloom, I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite spring hairstyles with you all!

Some of these are hairstyles which I’ve tried, while others are ones I want to try. So, unlike my last blog post where I walked you through the process, this post is more of a collection of my favorites to encourage you to try a new style.

  1. French-Up High Bun

I was first introduced to this hairstyle by one of my friends at Church! And it has grown to be one of my favorite styles ever since! This hairstyle is perfect for getting your hair up on those warm days!

It works for long or medium hair length, and there are so many little things you can change to make it unique for yourself. For example, I’ve added a french braid down the center of the top. I’ve also changed the french to a dutch braid, for a more 3D effect.

My main tip for this hairstyle is to start your strands for the french braid reallllly small. This will make the french braid more distinct!

2. Half-up Floating Crown Braid

I have never tried this hairstyle, however I recently discovered it, and I can’t wait to try it. Although, I’ll have to first try it on one of my sisters. πŸ™‚Β  While you can wear it without the flowers, the flowers are the main reason why I love it. The flowers make it so full of Spring!!!

The hairstyle is the first one out of three on the link above. You may want to try this on a friend/sister first, as it seems to be fairly complicated. However, hairstyles often seem like that before actually attempting them. πŸ™‚

3. Side-swept Dutch Braid Ponytail


I love this hairstyle! You dutchbraid from one side to the other then softly wrap it with some hair. I’ve also done a variation where I just finish the dutchbraid all the way through. In fact, last summer, I was growing out my hair for locks-of-love, and this was my main go-to hairstyle!

While you can deck this style up with flowers or a ribbon, I usually just leave it plain.

If you do not like bumps in your hairstyles, do not start the dutchbraid up to high on the top of your head. One of my sisters really dislikes loose or bumpy hairstyles, so I either take larger sections and start it down lower (more towards the side of the head) or switch the dutchbraid for a frenchbraid.

4. Milkmaid Braid


What would a Spring favorite hairstyle collection be without the milkmaid braids? This is one of my (and my sisters) all-time favorites! πŸ™‚ This hairstyle can easily be decked up with flowers.

If you are doing this on someone else, I’ve discovered that it’s a whole lot easier to have them tilt their head at a 90 degree angle. And then, when you are braiding you can braid upwards, this allows you to avoid a big bump from turning the braid upwards.

5. Butterfly Tieback


This is a fun hairstyle! It represents Spring and Summer so well! Who else loves butterflies?!?! I’ve tried this hairstyle before on my youngest sister, and it’s not as difficult as it looks! I personally like this best with straight hair or loose waves, because the butterfly pops out more.

I would advise watching the video on the page which I linked you to if you are interested in this hairstyle. I find that watching the way the hair is looped to create the wings is easier than just reading.

6. Rosette Tieback



This is such a gorgeous hairstyle! While, I’ve never tried this identical hairstyle, I’ve tried others like it. This one reminds me of the butterfly tieback above, but a more adult version. This style is so simple!Β All you need to know is how to create a regular 3 strand braid. The magic happens with adding the tieback (the twisted part), pancaking, and rolling your braid up into the flower.Β You do need medium to long hair, as you need to have enough hair to make the rosette.

For those of you who are uncomfortable with looser hairstyles, this may not be the style for you. However, you could play around with tightening the tieback, which is the main loose part.

7. Double-Bun Half-Up


This hairstyle is super cute and easy! Although if you have younger brothers, I want to warn you that they may call the little buns horns. πŸ˜‰ While you can do this style with straight hair, I like it best with soft curls, because the curls make the style seem less structured.

My main tip would be to not take too large portions of hair for the buns. Smaller portions make the buns seem more subtle and soft and less like horns. πŸ™‚

Which hairstyle is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you all in the comments section bellow!

Thank you so much for reading!


Julianne K. (Crafter and Beauty & Hair Tutorialist on Joyfully You)

5 thoughts on “Top 7 Spring Hairstyles

  1. Hannah says:

    LOVED this post, as I too love doing hair!! πŸ™‚ The half up floating crown braid and the rosette tieback are my favorites!! (I haven’t tried either) Don’t you just love cute springy hairstyles?! Haha, I won’t try the half up double buns because I’m afraid what my dad and brothers might say. πŸ˜› thanks for the post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Julianne K. says:

      Thanks so much for commenting, Hannah! Those two hairstyles are my favorite too. πŸ™‚ (Although I think they may also be the hardest). Yeah, I’m the same way with the double buns. I think it works well for some people, but probably not for me. πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

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