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Hello everyone!

You may have seen the new pictures appearing on our blog lately and wondered, “How do they all know each other?” I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten truly into all the stories on how we met, as when this blog started, there was not as many members as we currently have!

Today, I (Hadassah) wanted to recognize each and every member of the Joyfully You team and tell you how everyone is connected with each other… through me! The order I will go in is  the order I met this wonderful team of people.


C a r o l i n e ❤

I moved from Wichita, Kansas to Dayton, Ohio when I was barely five years old. The first Sunday my family went to a little church in Dayton, Ohio where I met my dear friend, Caroline K. She and I were very shy, and did not become true friends ’til later, but it was Valentine’s Day, and she offered me candy. She and I laugh over this story often, especially after I refused it because I was always told don’t take candy from strangers!! Right?? I mean, how was I to know this girl was friendly? 😅

Nevertheless, she and I became friends after that, and I am so blessed to have her on our team as a hair/beauty guru.


J u l i a n n e ❤

Julianne, as you may have guessed, is Caroline’s older sister! She and I, honestly, did not become friends right away, as she has a gain of quite a few years on me. I don’t remember meeting Julianne very well, but I am so blessed to know this sweet, loving, young lady and she has taught me much in my years of growing up together!

I am so  happy to have her on our team as the second hair/beauty guru!


C h a r l o t t e ❤

Can you believe that I have known one of the Boyer Sisters all my life? Okay. Stop right now and go look at their blog on the link above. They used to be a trio until their sister got married, but now have changed their blog and are down to two sisters. But still, they are the sweetest people you’ll ever know, and I am so very blessed to know Charlotte! Caroline introduced me that Sunday, as the Boyers were going to that same church! I was shy of Charlotte at first (I USED to be an introvert y’all!), but she became the older sister I never had. 🙂

I am so grateful that she is able to take our pictures and help us with our website! Honestly, if she hadn’t helped me, there would be no Joyfully You! *gasps* xD

IMG_20180609_212424463_LL 2

H o n o r ❤

Honor is one of the people that can make me laugh ’til I cry! She and I met that same Sunday along with the K. sisters and Charlotte B., and I became fast friends with her younger sister, Mercy first.  I was so glad she was able to join us on Joyfully You as our “fashion consultant and jack-of-all-trades.” She’s the sweetest, and I am so blessed to know her!


C l a i r e ❤

What can I say about Claire that will not make me cry? She and I became good friends on the first day we met, when our moms got together through mutual friends. We are all good friends now, but we were all heartbroken when she moved to Alabama in 2016.

She is our crafter and fashionista, and though she has not appeared on Joyfully You yet, she is a strong part of us! ❤ 🙂


G e n e v a ❤

Geneva met me and my family in October, 2016, and although I knew her younger brother first, I became attached to this beautiful, loving girl and we became dear friends. She has met almost all of the Joyfully You team now, and I am so happy to have her on our team as our jack-of-all-trades and our lively spirit that keeps us blogging on Joyfully You and happy to be alive!! ❤ ❤


S a v a n n a h ❤

Savannah and I met just this past year in our drama group (she played the Magic Carpet in Disney’s Aladdin Jr.). She and I became fast friends, and I am so happy that she is on our JY team as  “Our Creative Thinker & Jack-of-All-Trades.”

Though she has not met most of the Joyfully You team yet, she is such a blessing to have on our team and I am glad I know her as my friend and dear Sister in Christ!


K a r i n a ❤

Funnily enough, Karina and I were online friends for half a year before we realized we lived fifteen minutes away from each other!! I met her just this past December, and we realized how much we had in common! She and I are both photographers, thrifters, and lovers of everything vintage and antique.

I am blessed to have her on our team as a photographer, fashionista, and creative thinker. She has met almost all of the JY team, and I am blessed to know her as the sweetest girl around ❤


H a d a s s a h ❤

I am so thankful right now to all these sweet girls right now and am unendingly glad and blessed to have them all on this fun blog! Love my team! 😘

And now… time for some fun photos! Have a good laugh looking at our cheerful and ridiculous faces! Haha!




 Photos by the wonderful Charlotte B. of Charlotte B. Photography  😍

12 thoughts on “The Joyfully You Team

  1. Magaidh Bryan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Boyer Sisters, haha! I think I found out about Joyfully You through them, but I can’t remember exactly how. It was a long time ago, and I haven’t checked out Joyfully You for real until recently.😊

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