Karina’s Hope Chest || Plates

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Greetings! After reading Hadassah’s hope chest post I [Karina] was inspired to share my hope chest items with you all. My scavenger for hope chest items all started while my family and I were helping my grandparents with their yard sale. One of our tasks during our stay was to transport items to be sold from the house into the yard. When I lifted up one of the many heavy boxes I was curious as to what treasures were inside, so I removed the lid and could hardly believe my eyes!

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There were elegant strawberry dishes inside of that box ready to be sold and I couldn’t imagine some stranger walking away with my grandparent’s dishes, so I decided that I would buy them. When I tried to buy the set from my grandmother she insisted that I take them because she would rather them stay in the family than a stranger taking them away.

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And that’s how it all started! These vintage plates were the first items placed in my hope chest and since then the collection has been rapidly expanding.

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Some people choose to leave the items in their hope chest as new as possible and they don’t use them until they move into their own home, but I couldn’t help but use this set for a couple of special occasions.

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When searching online to see what the value of this set are I discovered that they hold hardly any value in them at all! But that doesn’t stop me from adoring this set, plus they belonged to my grandparents so they do hold *sentimental* value in my eyes!

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This next set was a vintage find that our family friend and I found at a charming antique mall. I recently realized that this set matches my strawberry dishes! If you look closely at the strawberry set you will find that there are small pink flowers in the print.

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I hope you enjoyed the first of many posts in my new series!

Do you have any hope chest items?

Do you think it is wise to collect items for your home now rather than later? 

-Karina Grace

6 thoughts on “Karina’s Hope Chest || Plates

  1. Rose says:

    I have a set of my grandmothers china also, which is unofficial in my hope chest. But I am looking forward to adding some more things as time moves on. Your dishes are really pretty! Great post!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Karina Grace says:

      Rose, there is something so incredibly special about owning something that once belonged to your grandparents. Let me know how your quest for more items works out! ❤


  2. Lily says:

    I just a hope chest last month and so far I have in it journals, photos, filled notebooks, a box of memories, and some other things like that. Instead of me putting things in there for the future I put in things from the past. Maybe if I find something I want for when I get married someday I’ll put it in there. But until then that’s what I put in my hope chest. BTW I want to do a blog post it soon. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more posts like this!! I love to see what other people put in their hope chests!

    Lily @ lilymaesday.blogspot.com


    • Karina Grace says:

      Lily, putting items from the past is such a great idea! I have a small chest that is dedicated to items that bring back memories. Keep an eye out for future posts because I will be sharing my “memory chest” as well! When you do make a blog post about it be sure to send me the link so that I can check it out. xoxo


  3. Hannah says:

    I have a 12 place set of China my great aunt gave me. And I adore it. One saucer broke when we moved and I’ve been to scared to see if anything else was damaged.
    To me a hope chest is so wonderful. I have mostly baby clothes and dishes right now and a few blankets. It holds so much hope and excitement!


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