Dressy on Sunday // Vintage Pink


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a delightful day!   🙂
I have been so wanting to share this dress with you, since it is so beautiful and vintagey; people even ask me if it’s vintage and where I got it, but honestly, I got it from Amazon as an Easter dress!

I had been trying and looking for an Easter dress for nearly a month before I stumbled across this one on Amazon one day. I had so desperately wanted something “vintage” to wear on Easter, and this dress fit the bill. I wasn’t sure I wanted a pink one because I’d never been THAT big of a fan of pink, but it was Easter, and I love pastel pink, so I ordered it.

I was happy with it when it arrived and could not wait for Easter morning! Though the dress came with a bow, I wore it on Easter, but it was actually quite uncomfortable. It kept sliding off no matter how tight I tied it, so when I wore it again a few Sundays ago, I passed it up since the dress already has a beautiful waistline anyways. 😉


THESE SHOES GUYS. I never knew how much I loved shoes ’til I saw these on Poshmark. I mean, c’mon. Vintage cream oxfords? I was giddy with excitement when I received the package, and could not wait to pair them with my pink perfect Easter dress that Sunday!! I felt like Anne of Avonlea (or Green Gables, I should say 😉 ) wearing them! And I wondered, “How many other people have worn these shoes?” Kinda creepy, right? Imagine… a tragic death in the 1950’s of the owner of these shoes. *Oooh* I just scared myself. But I’m getting carried away. Gosh, I feel like Anne right now!! Haha… moving on!


Dress: Amazon ||  Shoes: Poshmark (similar) ||  Tights: Amazon 


Also, people always ask how long my hair is and if I’ve ever cut it. Last time I measured my hair it was a little over 3 feet, and no, I’ve never cut cut it, but I have gotten it trimmed a lot. 😁 And also, my hair is naturally curly, wavy, and frizzy- all at the same time haha!


The lace is a DREAM! 😀


I absolutely love to spin in this dress! It is just too fun not too, and I must thank my younger brother who took all these pictures! It took him a while to learn the very “complex ways of a Canon camera,” lol, but he’s a good photographer and I love ‘im! 😀

Do you like to wear vintage?


Hadassah, Founder and Modest Fashionista of Joyfully You ❤

8 thoughts on “Dressy on Sunday // Vintage Pink

  1. Simply Megan Joy says:

    I love your dress and shoes so much!!! And the little bow in your hair that matches! It’s just so pretty! This is my kind of post! 🙂 I always enjoy seeing your vintage style on the blog!
    ~ Megan Joy


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