Pops of Color || Outfit Inspiration


Hey everyone!

Hadassah here with a fun post today- how to add color to your outfits! Have you ever opened your closet and just found dark, dull colors, making you look goth or depressed? I know how you feel. Though I organize my clothes by color in my wardrobe, it can sometimes be tempting to just grab the dark chambray shirt and black skirt and go with it. But I wanted to share some really cute ideas on how to add little pops of color back into your outfits!


Matching hat + bag! Totally compliments the shoes/dress. SOURCE.


Bags are perfect ways to add color! ❤ SOURCE.


Statement jewelry makes it easy to look cheerful! 


I love this street style! The perfect yellow scarf makes the black even look gorgeous. 


Hats are easy ways to look more cheerful! 


LOVE those bright shoes! Cute, cute, cute!! SOURCE.


Dangle/drop earrings make you look easily classier and cuter!


 Love the bow! SOURCE.

I’m off to a busy day of hopefully thrifting with my Grandmother and getting ready to do a weekly day of our Summer Reading Program at our library. Life’s been hectic lately, and I am glad I got to pop in and say hello to you all! ❤

How do you add color into your outfits?

Do you like to wear brighter or darker colors?



Hadassah S., Founder & Modest Fashionista of Joyfully You ❤


p.s. For some of the pictures, I could not find the original source. If you know what the source is, could you shoot us a message? 😀 ❤

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