Happy Birthday Geneva!

We couldn’t let the day go by without wishing our dearest Geneva a happy birthday! Geneva is the sweetest, dearest, most wonderful person you’ll ever meet. And her heart just BURSTS with happiness when she is around us! As a jack-of-all-trades on our blog, she blogs all about her thoughts (and inspires us all to do the same!) including a little bit of fashion and beauty along the way.

We are so blessed to have our Gigi on the team! She is so amazingly incredible, and we wish her the best in the next year.  ❤ ❤ ❤




Hadassah, on behalf of the Joyfully You Team

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Geneva!

  1. Geneva U. says:

    Thank you, my lovely and darling friends! You are all so sweet! It HAS been a very wonderful and blessed day. I got to go to Mass in the morning and then my friend Clara and I found the fountain of youth (in other words, we got thoroughly drenched in a beautiful waterfall 🙂 ). God has been SO inexpressibly good to me! May He bless all of YOU ever-so abundantly. ❤


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