Throwback Thursday || Independence Outfit


Hey all! I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer! I (Hadassah) thought it’d be fun to do a throwback to my 4th of July outfit, especially since I totally forgot to post them in July, (can you believe it’s already August??) and I have been so busy! We were all very blessed to see how many of you entered our first birthday giveaway last week! Congrats again to Miss Ruthie. ❤


Every Independence Day, the weather is terrible! It is either pouring rain or terribly hot! Apparently this was the year of hot, because it was deathly hot. I know a jean skirt would be hot for most of you, but mine isn’t 100% jean, and I wasn’t very hot. It’s long enough that I don’t have to wear anything under it (shorts etc.) and my blouse was very airy. 😉

[shoes, shirt, skirt: thrifted \\ earrings: ThredUp]


I just used my tripod to take these photos, and halfway through, I was completely drenched in sweat! Thankfully this photo does alright for my complexion, haha!  Just kidding… 😂

We had a lot of fun going to a friend’s house (a group of our friends takes turns hosting every year) and then to the Wilmington fireworks with most of them! The fireworks were definitely really good this year! 👌🏼


I wear these shoes a lot! I think I finally found a pair of long lasting, versatile shoes, and to make my outfit more casual, I slipped on my slip-ons and smiled 😀 The only thing is that I have to clean them a lot!

Are you enjoying your summer?


Hadassah S. ❤

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