Hadassah’s New Book + Happy Birthday Honor!

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GUYS. I am a PUBLISHED author!! I (Hadassah!!) am so, so, so excited to be sharing this little gem with you! For those of you who know me, I love to write, and this is a dream come true for me!!

I started working on this book last July of 2017. It was completed in September 2017, and then my family went through some hard times- – so the book got put on delay. But now, after a week long process of editing (thanks Mom + Grammarly!) and work on getting this thing going… IT’S LIVE. I am so amazed! I am a published author at age 13 and I couldn’t be more excited!!


(You can get this book for Kindle by the link above for just $3.99! I don’t have paperback yet though 😉 )

{Quick recap of the book: The Summer of Eleanor Maglina is a Christian book about a modern orphan who is sent to live with her uncle’s family in Ohio. She comes all the way from L. A., California, and is surprised to see how many cousins she has! For llamas to painted cows, this novel will make you cry, laugh, and roll your eyes! 😅 }

IMG_20180609_212424463_LL 2

And we could not let the day go by without wishing Honor a happy birthday! Happy happy birthday dear! We love Honor’s encouragement and love for chocolate around here! ❤ Help us wish her a happy birthday below! 😀

And let me know in the comments if you bought the book! I can’t wait to see the outcome of it!


Hadassah S.


P.S. You may have noticed the book cover is actually a picture of Geneva taken by Hadassah! 😅

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