Hadassah’s Autumn Modest Fashion Inspiration

Hello, my lovely readers!

Isn’t autumn just amazing!? If you don’t live in the north right now, you might be thinking, “WHAT? It’s still hot and borrrrinnggg here.”

Well, I am so sorry autumn hasn’t come to you yet! Up here in southwest Ohio where 8/10 of us live, it is cool and glorious! Hurricane Gordon has hit us with the cool air, and a lot of mud and ugg, rain. It should warm up this weekend (argh!), but then it should STAY like a beautiful glorious autumn that it looks like it’s going to be! *Sighs dreamily* Everything about autumn makes me just love it all the more. As you may of guessed… yeah, it’s my favorite season. 😉 One of the most beloved things about autumn is getting out all those layers (layering queen over here y’all, LOL!) out and changing my closet for neutral, beautiful colors.

Today, I want to give you all some inspiration for autumn modest fashion, as I usually do every season. All images are from Pinterest and are not my own! ❤


So pretty! I love all of the burnt orange. Definitely on my look-out-for list when I go shopping/thrifting soon for my autumn wardrobe. SOURCE.


I love the shape of this outfit! So pretty! All the dark colors are so aesthetic ❤ SOURCE.


Classy for autumn AND winter! Loving the stripes and again, burnt orange/brown color. SOURCE.


Classy Courtney Toliver! Loving the soft pastels of autumn! SOURCE.

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset

Black boots and midi twirl skirts are on my wishlist, as well as that gorgeous autumn scarf! So timelessly classy. SOURCE.


Loving her scarf as well, plus the cashmere sweater and brown boots!! SOURCE.


LOVING that pop of red/orange on her shoes! Denim dress is on my wishlist as well! SOURCE.

I hope you enjoyed my compilation of all of the outfits! As you may of guessed, I’m addicted to stripes and midi skirts! My birthday also falls in autumn, so I always use my birthday gift money to go get some new autumn wardrobe things. Some things that are on that wishlist are the ones I was talking about in this post, as well as infinity scarves, long winter tees, and some brown boots as well as black. Going for a preppy look this fall… ;D

SO so excited to go pumpkin picking and drink hot chocolate and just FEEL so alive in autumn. I think I love it so much because I got the pleasure of being born in it… yet the trees are usually bare by the time my birthday hits in November, haha! xD

What do you want to try out this autumn? Are you a classy summer/spring gal or winter/autumn gal?


Hadassah S., Founder & Modest Fashionista of Joyfully You ❤


p.s. For some of the inspiration, I could not find an original source through Pinterest. If you know who this is- could you please shoot us a message? Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Hadassah’s Autumn Modest Fashion Inspiration

  1. Annie says:

    I loved the fall fashion inspiration! 🙂 I’ve been trying to find modest autumn outfits lately, so this was just perfect! My favorite outfit ideas were #5 and #6! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Caroline K. says:

    Wow, Dass!! You are a girl after my own heart!! I adore fall!! It’s my absolute favorite month!! So yes, I am an autumn/winter gal. Some of my favorite things about fall are wearing scarves and boots!!! So fun!! The 7 outfit is totally adorable! Thanks for a fun post! (Can’t wait for fall) =)
    Caroline K.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hannah says:

    YESSSS!!! Autumn clothes can be SOO much fun, and there’s endless cute scarfs and sweaters to wear!! Summer is my favorite season all-around, but fall might be my favorite wardrobe season, because of all the comfy/cute clothes we get to wear!!! Thx 4 the inspirations!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. whatdinnywore says:

    I love the denim jumper outfit and the one with the dark red circle skirt. All of the outfits are #goals, though! I am honestly more of a spring/summer gal, but autumn outfits can be beautiful, too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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