You Get To Choose!

Hello, friends! Okay, so a few of the JY  members including me, lol, have been struggling to find a fun topic to write about, and in the midst of having trouble to come up with fun content for you all, we came up with a great idea!

Here is the idea: you give us specific topics that you would like for us to share our thoughts and feelings on/about, and each day of the week a different Joyfully You team member will share her own personal feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

Where we need YOU: First off I have to say how much I admire our community here and am so excited for this project. We need you to send in suggestions, and requests on topics you would like for us to write on! Send in as many as you would like and we will try our best to write on your ideas. 🙂

~Summer, on behalf of the Joyfully You Team.

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