Caroline’s Jewelry Collection


Hello again, dear readers! Today I’m (Caroline) going to let you take a sneak peek into the magical world of my jewelry!! I’m super excited for this, so let’s just dig in!

Let’s start with my earrings!!

As you can probably tell, I love to wear earrings. In fact, you will probably never see me without a pair in! 🙂  To begin with, let me show you my Horse Earrings!! If there is one thing that you need to know about me, it’s that I LOVE horses!!! So, of course, these earrings are a fav! Not only do they have horses, but they match just about anything!! Yeah!! BONUS!


Moving on to my Sparkly earrings!! I love these earrings!! They add so much brightness to any outfit!


These Pearls go with just about anything and add such a beautiful touch to any fancy outfit!


These are a lovely pale blue and I love them!


These ones I got in Tennessee! I love the little hint of  blue and I love the trees! Such a fun woodsy pair of earrings! (you might also notice that these are the earrings I wore for the JY photoshoot) 🙂


These are my Cinderella earrings! Now there is a story behind these earrings and why I call them my Cinderella earrings. Earlier this year, my Mom, Julianne, and I went to Music Hall to attend a Symphony! (btw it was wonderful) So, as you can guess, I dressed up nice and fancy! Well I choose to wear these earrings with my navy dress! As we were walking to the building, one of the earrings fell out (see the Cinderella part). I noticed it had come out and had to retrieve it on the crosswalk where it had fallen. I sure did not want to lose one of my favorite earrings on a street in Cincinnati! I got the earring ; however, while I was trying to catch up with my mom and sister, while trying to put my earring back on (deep breath) I practically tripped up the stairs in my nice heeled shoes and long dress!! I’m sure it was hysterical to watch!! It was certainly not the graceful entrance that Cinderella had! As you can probably tell, this is a very memorable experience!! 



Now you have seen a lot of my dangles; however, I also love studs! Who could not like sparkly bows! I love this pale, vintage pink! 


Let’s move onto my bracelets!

Now I wear earrings more than I wear bracelets; however, I still love bracelets!!

I had to include my promise ring in this post because it is one of my most special pieces of jewelry. I also love this Love, Faith, Hope bracelet!! It goes with just about anything!! 


This bracelet is really special to me because my parents brought it home from Hawaii and gave it to me! I also love the color purple!! 


These bracelets have such a lovely blue. I love the saying on the one and who couldn’t like an owl?!?! This owl bracelet is also very special to me because one of my dear friends gave it to me.


Onto my Necklaces!!!

So let’s start off with one of my absolute favorites!!! This is my Origami Owl necklace! I love, love, love this necklace! It’s sort of like a locket only you get to put charms that express your personality in it. You can also put plates in it to have a background saying. Is that cool or what?!?! I would highly encourage you all to go get an Origami Owl necklace if you don’t have one. They’re awesome! 

Of course, I have to have a horse necklace!! This cross necklace is definitely one of my favorites. It goes with just about everything as well!!

To end this extremely long post….( I hope you’re not too bored) 🙂 I must share with you my purple necklace and my special pearls.  Of course, I have a purple necklace. 🙂 These pearls are very special to me because my grandparents gave them to me when I turned 13.


So that’s the end of this post!! I hope you guys enjoyed getting to see some of my jewelry!!

What was your favorite item of my jewelry? 

Do you have a special jewelry item? 

Blessings on the remainder of your week,

Caroline K. 


6 thoughts on “Caroline’s Jewelry Collection

  1. Summer G. says:

    I love your “Cinderella” story earnings! Your pearls are pretty too!
    I don’t wear much jewelry but I think it’s pretty. The jewelry I do have has sentimental values.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Caroline K. says:

      Hey Audria,
      That’s a great question! It is extremely hard to find long, modest dresses. Lots are made really short now. 😦 Julianne and I found our dresses at the Dillard’s outlet in Cincinnati. It can be hard to find a modest dress; however, they exist, we just have to look hard. 🙂 I wish you good luck on your formal dress search!!


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