Dressing Modestly || Pt. 1


Hey girls!

I hope you are all having a good week so far! Prayerfully you are not in the range of Hurricane Florence. Prayers for you if you are… ❤

So excited to be sharing the first part of a new series on our blog- we’re talking all about modest fashion! And, I (Hadassah) have the blessing to write the first part! Our convictions, why we dress modestly, and more are going to be discussed in this series over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be so much fun, and we want to thank all the girls who sent in recommendations for a new series. So thank you for doing that! ❤

I know I have shared some of my thoughts and feelings on Joyfully You on modesty- -mostly what I have been taught and what I have been raised up to do. So you’ve probably heard me talk about that. 😉 I have been raised in a big family (eight- soon to be nine sibs at the moment), and Mom has dressed all (currently) five girls in skirts and dresses at all times, except for pajamas and when we have to do exercise, like when we play soccer in the summer. Though, even then, my younger sisters and I wear culottes or long shorts.

Modesty is hard because everyone has their own convictions, and everybody dresses differently! I am certainly not saying my way of dressing is better than ANYONE else’s; it’s just what I’ve been taught and, frankly, dresses and skirts are what I like to wear!

I love this verse in the Bible that says, “Strength and dignity are her clothing,” – Proverbs 31:25. There’s so many verses in the Bible that talk about modesty, and I will encourage you to go explore them!


Last year I did a challenge on Instagram (by the @boyersisters) for the twelve days before Christmas. Everyday I’d take a picture of my outfit and tag the @boyersisters in the outfit. It was so fun- and even though I missed a few days (cold season, ugh), I had a lot of fun just thinking about all the exploration  adventures  … hmmm, what’s a good word for that? LOL! 😀 All the FUN you can have in your closet!


Dressing modestly is something that I love to do. Honoring Jesus is the #1 thing I should be doing with my body; as we are created by Him and in His glory. As well as dressing modestly for God, it should not only be honoring just the guys around me, but girls as well. As #3 out of almost ten kids, and oldest girl, I have to set a good example at all times. I have four younger sisters, so whatever I am wearing they should be able to wear too. Not only is modest fashion just cute and feminine, it can be comfortable and Jesus-honoring too. ❤


It’s great to have set rules about your modest outfits. One of the biggest ones I have is that my mama has to approve. 😉 There’s other simple ones, like “no skirts that go above your knee,” etc. etc. Everyone can have their own goals and rules, but I always remember that my body is created by The Creator. ❤


There’s so much you can learn by dressing modestly and exploring the Bible on the subject. If you want to get inspiration on modesty, you can see these posts here and here.

What are your thoughts on modesty? 


Hadassah S., Founder & Modest Fashionista of Joyfully You ❤



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2 thoughts on “Dressing Modestly || Pt. 1

  1. Lizzie Day says:

    Thanks so much for this lovely post! I agree that it’s really important to dress modestly (I have the Strength and Dignity verse up on my wall so I can be encouraged and inspired by it all the time), but it can be really difficult in today’s world where everything seems to scream ‘tight’ and ‘short’. Looking forward to the next post on modest dressing!

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