Why I Dress Modestly Pt. 4

Hello, friends! I hope you are enjoying this series on modesty about each of us girls personal convictions, thoughts, and feelings about the way we dress. Here is mine.

Dressing modestly is something my parents have always taught me since I (Summer) was little.  They have always taught me to dress in a way that pleases God and that doesn’t draw attention to my body in a way that’s disrespectful to me or in any way that could hinder others. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also developed my own personal convictions that God has given me when reading His Word. Not only has my Mother taught me to dress in clothes that would not bring attention to my body in a way that would be displeasing to the Lord, but she has also taught me that dressing modestly is something that will begin with my attitude. When my Mom was teaching my sisters and I that modesty starts with our attitudes, she described it something like this: “To truly dress modestly we must start with our attitude. An attitude that dresses to glorify Him (God) in the way you dress and carries yourself in a way that would reflect Christ.”

I do choose only to wear skirts and dresses. Does that mean that someone who wears something other than dresses and skirts is not modest? No, absolutely not! To me, the core definition of modesty is dressing in a way that would not draw attention to your body in certain areas and carrying yourself in a way that would represent Christ. I’m often asked, “Will you wear dresses and skirts when you’re older and don’t live with your parents?” the answer to this question is simple; yes! I will continue wearing dresses and skirts not only because I want to represent God, by the way, I dress but also because I feel feminine and ladylike in long dresses and skirts that are flowy. Sometimes I even wear a more straight “pencil” styled skirt but I wear a longer flowing shirt that will cover my body.

This is just my opinion and personal convictions on modesty. I know everyone has different opinions and won’t agree with me, and that’s ok! Although we all dress differently, the main goal in dressing modestly should be to honor God with our bodies in what we wear. So, true modesty isn’t whether a person wears skirts and dresses or this or that. True modesty is someone dressing in a way that doesn’t draw attention to their bodies and carries themselves in a way that would reflect God.

Summarized: Modesty is- dressing in a way that doesn’t bring attention to your body or areas of our bodies that should not be exposed to others + having an attitude that represents and reflects God.  26A25E4F-304F-43F1-8131-211BCACB6FA8D92598FE-6640-4E08-A100-00BCD705135BF0B5F5FF-2FE7-46B3-B25C-FD16B1CF1567I love this wrap dress I received for my birthday. It is one of my favorite dresses right now! I just absolutely love the colors, pattern, style, flow, and length.

I love feeling like a lady and dressing modestly! What’s your favorite outfit to wear? What are some of your personal opinions on dressing modestly? I would love to hear from y’all!


Summer G

One thought on “Why I Dress Modestly Pt. 4

  1. Alicia M says:

    I absolutely agree with you that skirts/dresses make you feel more feminine. I find that so true. All my family wears pants (and skirts/dresses), but I am the only one who wears skirts/dresses. And I LOVE wearing them, they give a nice feminine look and I think that especially with the culture currently, it can be a breath of fresh air for some people!

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