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Hello everyone!

We’ve been super busy around JY, trying to plan some fun fall things for the blog, and trying to get together to do some autumn creativity around here! So we’ve been a little MIA, I suppose, but I (Hadassah) am here to show you an outfit that I have been loving to wear lately.

I’m not sure if this comes with every fashion blogger… do you ever take photos of yourself and then you’re like, “Wow, I look really cute in that outfit!” And then you take outfit photos in another outfit and you say, “Wow… okay. I guess they’re alright.” It goes back and forth for me, I guess!! LOL. xD Like a lot of other girls, I feel pretty at times, and other times… not so much. But lately, I’ve been saying this to myself every morning in the mirror: “I am loved, I am beautiful, I am flawed, Jesus loves me, and I choose JOY today.” It’s helped me a lot through the days, and even though I may have those “I look awful” days, I still remember that Jesus looks on the INSIDE, not the outside. ❤ ❤


Shirt: Thrifted // Skirt: Thrifted (Gap) // Boots: Walmart

I’ve lived on a farm for about four and a half years now, and I absolutely love it. We have probably twenty or so chickens, two goats, two rabbits, and a lot of barn cats. I feel like if I ever go into the missions field (a current thing Jesus has put on my heart since June), I want to be close to animals, or farms- I’ve fallen in love with them. My younger childhood was spent in the suburbs of three different cities in three different states, and then later we moved to a nice town where we had a dog and lots of woods. Now that we (my seven siblings and I) live on a farm with six acres or so, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Have you ever woken up to a rooster crowing at six a.m.? It’s something that annoys us all, but I love that he crows through the day too! 😂 Most people who’ve never lived on a farm or experienced chickens, don’t realize roosters don’t just crow at wake-up time! He crows at everything! xD


I have been starting to wear plaid more lately, and found that I love the combinations you can make with it! ❤

I found this shirt thrifting for $2 with Karina a few months ago, and saved it for autumn weather! I love the style and fit of it too. My skirt was thrifted from ThredUp, and I’ve worn the boots forevverrrr, which came from Walmart. 😉


Our two goats, Ivy & Dandelion. ❤

We’re hoping to have some fun stuff coming up this month in October, so keep on the lookout!

Are you a farm girl? Do you like cities or suburbs more?


~Hadassah S., Founder & Modest Fashionista of JY ❤


7 thoughts on “Outfit || Farmgirl To Heart

  1. Lily says:

    You have goats?! I love goats! My family has a diary goat farm. I post about them once in a while on my blog: lilymaesday.blogspot.com you’ll have to check it out sometime.


  2. Hannah says:

    YESS!!! We had chickens and the roosters crowed literally all the time… everyone else was like, “what? they crow DURING the day?!” It’s just so odd, and most people don’t even think about it! Haha, random thoughts!!

    Loved your outfit, its super cute!!!!! ❤


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