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Hi everyone!

I (Hadassah) am sitting here on a cool, chilly, October day, the smell of cookies in the oven and wearing a puffy vest. What could get better? 😀

Today I am here with another post on the subject of guys. A little while back I, Karina, and Honor all did a post on guys/girls, and we got so much comeback and thanks, I thought I’d write another one with some of my random thoughts! These are certainly just some things that have been floating around in my head- and I had to write them down. There’s a few of my personal convictions etc., so I am not telling anyone what they have to be thinking about or anything. Just my own words. 😉

So. Guys are hard. Especially as a Christian, homeschooled, teenage girl- I know that guys are hard! A lot of girls I know have a hard time with guys, and a lot of times when some of the Joyfully You girls get together at parties etc., that subject, especially lately since we’re all getting older, has come up. No, we’re not the type of girls who rate guys on a 1-10 scale and talk about how ‘cute’ boys are. Honestly, the conversation usually heads toward these questions:

  • What type of guy do you think you’ll marry?
  • What qualities do you think you’d want for a future husband?
  • How many kids do you think you’ll want?
  • What’s the best quality you want in a guy?
  • What kind of things makes you back off from a guy immediately?

None of us are courting/dating yet. Pretty much all of us aren’t allowed to court or date until we’re forty, LOL! No, I’m kidding! xD … That just comes with all of our overprotective fathers, haha!

There are ten girls currently on the Joyfully You team, and each of our parents all have different and set guidelines for if a guy ever comes around. Not many of us are even eighteen yet, so we’re not in the position for a guy coming around to ask our father to date/court/marry us yet!  For all the girls on the blog right now, we can’t wait to be each other’s bridesmaids at weddings, or see how many kids we all are blessed with- even seeing what guys God’s going to give us to spend our lives with. It’ll be so much fun to see all that in ten or fifteen years! 😀

I’ve really started to think a lot about guy friendships, what qualities make me admire guys, and other thoughts on that subject. I love to explore the Bible and see God’s beautiful design for guys and girls, marriage etc. There’s a LOT you can pull out of the Bible, and I feel like I will definitely start doing that and keep doing that through my teenage years. Maybe God’s plan for me isn’t a husband. I have NO IDEA- only He does.

What type of guy do I think I’ll marry?

Back in June, I read Katie Davis Major’s book, “Daring to Hope.” I had just finished the book and was sitting on the couch, when I heard God’s voice say to me: “ONE DAY THAT’S GOING TO BE YOU.” I was so moved and touched and just awe-struck… I literally started crying. I thought I had my life somewhat planned out: I wanted to be a professional photographer and take photos of children and families- – maybe even do weddings one day. I still might do that in the next few years… but I was so awe-struck that God had spoken right to me, that I know that He’s calling me to be a missionary.

I really want to marry a missionary and go to Uganda (or somewhere in Africa) and serve there, but I have no idea if that dream will come true and I’ll actually get to do that! If God gives me someone in my life who wants to marry me and I want to marry him, is a missionary, and wants to go serve around the world, or even in the United States, I will probably break down in tears and thank God. He is amazing and so so good all the time!

If I don’t marry a missionary, and God gives me an amazing guy who has a great job and lives in the USA, I’ll thank God for giving me that! I want to marry a Christian guy who wants a bundle of kids and loves me a lot, but not as much as Jesus.

And God knows exactly who that is!

What qualities do I want in a future husband?

I want him to be a Christian. I want him to be loyal. I want him to love Jesus so much that he will give up his life for Him. I want him to want a lot of kids. I want him to be kind. I want him to love me very, very much. I want him to have the love of Jesus in the things he does.

It sounds kind of selfish, but it’s what I am praying God gives me in a guy. I think a lot about those qualities and other ones I will be looking for in the guys I meet.

How many kids do you think you’ll want? 

As many as God gives me! ❤ It’s been on my heart to adopt/foster, something God put there last spring, but if He doesn’t open that door for me, then I will settle for whatever He gives. I’ve always wanted seven or more biological ones though. 😉

What’s the best quality you want in a guy?

When we (Julianne, Caroline, Honor, I, and a few other girls) were discussing this a few weeks ago, we said we’d take for granted for the moment on marrying a Christian guy, because none of us would marry a non-Christian.

So, one of the best qualities I want in a guy, is that he is kind to his family and everyone around him, no matter the situation. I guess that counts as having patience too! 😉

What kind of things makes you back off from a guy immediately?

If he’s full of himself. There’s no way I’d ever get along with a guy if he’s vain, boastful, or prideful in everything he does. I try hard to be the opposite, so I don’t get along very well conversationally if the person is that way. I need to work on my patience in that area. 😉

Last year, I kind of backed off from this guy because I judged a book by its cover… I thought he was just so different from me. “We couldn’t ever be friends!” I thought repeatedly. BOY was I wrong!! Now that we ARE pretty good friends, he has taught me a lot on having a Christian guy friend and NOT judging books by their covers. We actually have a lot in common! And I love seeing his love for Jesus.


So here’s just some random thoughts on guys etc. I hope my Q&A will help you think about qualities in guys and future hopes and dreams too! Remember to pray about everything. I do, and it has helped me so much!

Thoughts? Questions? I’d love to hear them below!

Hadassah ❤

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On // Guys & More

  1. Hannah says:

    Those are awesome and important things to look for in guys! Before I started dating a guy I would definitely want to just be friends/hang out in groups/etc. I’ve actually been really thinking about this (things that I’d want in a future husband) lately and this has prompted my thoughts more! Thank you!

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