Hadassah’s Jewelry Favs

Hey y’all!!

Isn’t fall amazing? All of a sudden, the trees have completely changed colors and the weather is gorgeous, for the most part. 😀 I (Hadassah) was inspired to do a post just like Caroline did back in September! Yep, I’m sharing some of my favs in my jewelry collection! ❤

QUICK UPDATE: You may have been wondering where we’ve been lately! Geneva, as some of you may know, is in college in CANADA now! She’s doing great, and she’d appreciate any prayers that come her way. ❤ Savannah and her family are moving currently to the town most of live in, so we are all so excited to be closer to them and especially her! She’ll be five minutes from my family, instead of forty-five minutes. Caroline, Julianne, and Honor have been busy with speech and debate, a homeschooler thing a lot of us are familiar with. 😉 Charlotte has been working and kept busy with life lately, and Karina has been on her feet non-stop with her photography business! Summer  G. (from Georgia) just got back from Disney down in Florida (a post on that later, maybe!), Claire’s been busy with ballet etc. in Alabama, and I (Hadassah) have been juggling a lot of things. Freshman year of high school, working on my SPARKS program for Trades of Hope (new post coming soon about that!), and just trying to stay not stressed and happy! Oh, and superrrr excited for my birthday coming up on the sixth of November… 😉 😂


Here is a few things I like to wear on my chains. The left is the pendant from Lord of the Rings, then my Origomi Owl locket (with several of my favorite charms inside), and my beloved cross I got from my grandmother when I was seven or eight. 


I adore wearing this camera necklace! In the spring, a friend of mine told me she was selling it with some adorable camera earrings, so I bought it from her! It is such a cute charm to any outfit.


A friend who moved away gave me this adorable magnolia flower necklace! I wear it all. the. time!


These adorable bow earrings came from ThredUp, one of my absolute favorite companies!


And I could not go on without mentioning these earrings I got recently! There is a background story about them, which I will be sharing soon in my Trades of Hope post. So be on the lookout! 😀

What jewelry do you like to wear? Earrings? Bracelets? Shoot me your favs below!


Hadassah S., Founder & Modest Fashionista of Joyfully You ❤


4 thoughts on “Hadassah’s Jewelry Favs

  1. Hannah says:

    Oooh! Love that camera necklace! ❤ 🙂 And the Magnolia necklace was super cute too! I tend to like necklaces with, like, one charm. Also I really like hanging earnings. ❤ Other than that… I don't usually wear bracelets, though I do have one anklet made of hot pink duct tape that I've had on for a while now 😂

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