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Hey everyone!

I (Hadassah) am back for another thrifty post! I did a post last year when we had first started our blog… and I’m back for another one! Thrifting is. So. Much. Fun. I actually have a list called “Things the JY Girls Should Do Together,” and going thrifting together is near the top! I think it’d be a lot of fun to have a thrifty day at Goodwill or something, as most of us have thrifted, and a few of us are avid thrifters.

We (Savannah and her sisters, Karina and her sisters, and my sisters and I) did get together for a movie night back in August, (Cinderella 2015- a fav!) and Savannah and I went to the Sauerkraut Festival a few weeks ago in October. But *alas,* we were so caught up in being together, we totally forgot about taking pictures to show you all! xP So if we ever get the chance to all go thrifting together, we’ll makes sure to get pictures and hopefully vlog about it like we did here!

ANYWAYS, back to the subject. For now, I’m going to give you all some really fun thrifting tips and tricks… some random things I’ve learned since starting thrifting when I was younger! I have a lot of siblings, so to be frugal, my parents have thrifted pretty much since the beginning. 😀


Can you guess what that means? Sounds like an organization… and in a way, it’s more of an organizer, lol! Always Make A List is what it means: AMAL. I’m a pretty organized person, so I try to always have a list stashed in my purse when I go thrifting. And usually, I go thrifting for clothes. Make a list of things you’d like to look for while thrifting, your dream thrifting goals, and more. I’ve come back from thrifting without a list before- and then I smack myself and say “Oh! Why didn’t I look for that? I was just there!”


I can almost never find something amazing if I’m hurrying! Plan out a day or afternoon where you can go and thrift to your heart’s content. Set a timer if you’re on a set time! Also, if you’re trying on clothes,  try to get in the habit of trying them on in the dressing room. It saves the “Well, it looked good on the hanger!” later… and yes, I’ve done this multiple times. We learn from our mistakes. xD


There’s some amazing thrift stores out there that have things organized. But most of the time… they don’t. A tip/trick I have to finding the best treasure… it’s almost always stuck behind something else or in the middle of two items. Hidden away for you to find!


I’m short. I’m something like 5’1″. So sometimes, and often, the best treasure is up high. When I’m with a taller person, I ask them to look for me, haha! Just don’t break anything trying to get something down. A bonus of being short though- the low treasure can be right in front of you and you can snatch it up before all the tall people grab it! 😀


Seriously. You can get so much on these days! I love the thrift stores that carry a ‘sales coming soon calendar.” I always grab one and put it somewhere where I won’t forget it.


Have fun!! No one likes a grouchy shopper/customer! For me, having fun usually means I’m with a friend. But a mom-thrifting date is so fun too! ❤

= + = + =

Sooo… there’s some tips and tricks for you all next time you go thrifting! I’d absolutely love to hear your tips, though! Shoot me some below —->

Are you an avid thrifter? Do you love thrifting?


Hadassah S.

P.S. I had so much fun taking the photo above the other day! I will be posting it on IG (@photobloggergal) for my birthday photo tomorrow! All the colors are so beautiful and amazing right now here in Ohio. And I’m pretty excited for my birthday, too… though it does fall on election day. 😛 Oh well, still counting down the hours to the 6th! xD

14 thoughts on “Thrifty Girl Tips & Tricks

  1. Lizzie Day says:

    I love thrifting – we don’t necessarily have a big family, but clothing these days is somewhat ridiculously expensive! Thrift-store shopping is definitely my go-to, and normally the clothes I find there are very trendy and modest, too! Happy early birthday, by the way! Hope your special day is wonderful ❤

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  2. whatdinnywore says:

    Awesome post! I LOVE thrifting!! If you ever visit the East Coast, the best spots to hit are Value Village, Salvation Army thrift stores, and Guy’s Frenchys. I agree that thrifting should not be rushed! It’s way more fun if you have the whole day to shop (or at least the whole afternoon). My sister has such a good nose for finding amazing stuff. She has found the most adorable vintage dresses, skirts, and cardigans while thrifting. She’s a very fun girl to go shopping with! 🙂

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  3. Hannah says:

    Ooh Happy Birthday! It’s funny that you mention these tips, my mom just went thrift shopping today – and while thrifting isn’t really my thing, it on occasion can be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hannah says:

    Oh yes!! Thrifting is the BEST, isn’t it?!?! I LOVE thrifting!! ❤ Uh, tips? I think you covered basically all I'd share.. (Hehe, I'm the tall person so I'm usually the one grabbing the hight-up things!! 😂) Sometimes setting a budget ahead of time is helpful too, that way you REALLY try and bargain shop to get all you want, and still remain in that budget 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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