Winter Hair Inspiration

Hello JY readers! Today I’m gonna share some beautiful hairstyles and hopefully give you some motivation to do your hair. =) I have not tried these hairstyles; however, I do think they are very pretty. So let’s get right into it.

Sideswept French Braid



This hairstyle is very beautiful. The soft curls combined with the French Braid give it a very graceful, sweet look. This hair-do is perfect for going out and about or to church. 

Twisted Crown Braid

twisted crown braid tutorial

When I think of winter hairstyles, I generally think hairstyles which have your hair down. When it’s cold, it’s nice to have that extra neck-heater (hair) . So, this one works perfectly and is very lovely!

Fishtail French Braid Ponytail

fishtail french braid ponytail

If you have long hair, I think this hairstyle would be absolutely stunning! Give your hair a curl and let your long locks fall down your back!

Double Headband French Braids

double headband french braids I think braided headbands look very pretty. This hairstyle would look lovely with curls or straight hair!

Now, I’m gonna include some updos because I know we all love a good updo! 🙂 Enjoy!

Elegant Updo


Y’all, this hairstyle looks so complex; however, it actually does not have that many steps to it! Once my hair gets longer, I really want to try this stunning hairstyle. 🙂

A Little Messier Updo 🙂

holiday updo

This style is slightly messier than the other updo; however, they are both beautiful. Another updo I want to try when I have more hair. 🙂






I hope y’all enjoyed this post and gathered some hair inspiration! Whether you try these hairstyles or do something totally different, I want you to try something. 🙂 Even something seemingly small and insignificant as your hair, can make you feel a hundred times better when spruced up a little! 🙂

Which was your favorite hairstyle?

Do you like updos or half-up styles better?

God Bless,

Caroline K.

16 thoughts on “Winter Hair Inspiration

  1. Senait says:

    Beautiful hairdo’s, Caroline! Thanks for posting them! Half-up half-down hairdo’s are my favorite. But I tend to wear my hair up a lot, so having a variety of ways to put it up makes doing my hair more fun:) Thanks again!!!

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