Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Hello! Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly and whether you are spending it with a very special somebody or your gal pals, it is always fun to have a new outfit! I (Karina) recently took the time to browse through my favorite online boutiques, found gorgeous Valentine’s Day inspired outfits and wanted to share my favorites!

Check out the lovely details on the “Sparkle On Skirt” from One Loved Babe

The comfy striped “Rachele Dress” is from Journey Five

The bohemian “Talon Dress” is from Olive Ave

The “Sun Valley Jumper Dress” from Piper and Scoot has hidden pockets! Need I say more?!

This dress is more on the casual side and is from Citrus and Lemon


I had so much fun browsing the sites of those boutiques and hope that you take the time to do the same! Which outfit is your favorite?



8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

  1. Caroline K. says:

    Hey Karina! I love the outfits! So fun! My favorite is the “Rachele Dress” from Journey Five. So comfy and adorable! Thanks for posting!
    ❤ Caroline


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