Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Happy birthday to the sweet, dear Caroline! Girl! We are forever blessed with your sweet smile, generous words, and charming/cheerful personality! ❀ We are a little bit late since yesterday was her actual birthday, but we don’t post on Sundays usually… so, yep! She gets her birthday stretched out a day or two! πŸ˜€

I (Hadassah) still remember meeting Caroline for the first time. I’m sure some of you probably know this story, but I’ll tell it anyway, haha! I was brand new to Ohio; moved into Dayton from Kansas just the day before. I was five, she was just a week or two short of seven years old. It was Valentine’s Day, and we decided to visit this church. I remember it was cold and snowy, and right before the service started, she comes up to me and offers me some candy in honor of the holiday. She says, of course, this was her parent’s idea and that she wasn’t ideal on giving a stranger girl candy nor talking to her… and neither was I! We both still laugh over that, haha! I said no, thank you (because who takes candy from a stranger?!), and she walked off- I think half relieved. Bu-ut, she returned after the service was over, and introduced me to several girls… including her sister, Julianne, Honor P., and Charlotte B., who are all on this blog now! And we remained friends ever since.
Caroline, I’m so glad that Jesus put you in my life! You’re such a blessing to ALL of us, and we hope to stay friends for years and years to come!

Help us wish Caroline a happy birthday below!!


Hadassah, on behalf of the JY Team ❀

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Caroline!

  1. Faith says:

    Happy Birthday, Caroline!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    And that’s funny how you first met, haha! It’s been fun reading and learning more about you gals and your walk with the Lord! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad I found your all’s blog, and am excited to read more soon! πŸ˜€

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