CELEBRATE! || Reaching 200 Followers + Happy Birthday Savannah!

We are so excited to reach the milestone of two hundred followers! Y’all, we were happy with ten followers back in 2017… and then as the numbers grow and grow, we just get more excited and giddier! xD We love encouraging you all so much! We love getting inspiration from our listeners and followers!

As we’re getting ready for some new exciting posts, we’ve been a little quiet around here, but we would like to wish Savannah a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She celebrated her birthday yesterday with family, and haha- got a snow-filled day for March 3rd! Ohio is always like that, right?

Even though you might not see Savannah on the blog as some of us (though she does has some posts coming soon in 2019!), she is a huge inspiration and I (Hadassah) love her to pieces. ❤

Happy birthday girlie! And thanks to our followers for helping us reach two hundred!

Hadassah S., on behalf of the JY Team

10 thoughts on “CELEBRATE! || Reaching 200 Followers + Happy Birthday Savannah!

  1. Annie says:

    This is so exciting to see JY growing into such a wonderful, (now large) community!! Praise God! ❤️❤️

    Happy Birthday, Savannah! I’m looking forward to your posts this year! 😊

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  2. Heaven says:

    Congratulations on getting 200 followers! You girls deserve it. Your blog is so encouraging and it’s nice to see a group of godly girls spreading the Gospel! 😊 — Happy birthday, Savannah! I’m so glad that you’re apart of this blog and God allowed you to be born! He’s already using you in many ways and He has a great plan for your life. 😊❤

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  3. Joy18 says:

    O sweet!!! My baby Sister’s was yesterday too!!! She was a miracle preemie baby!!! Now, she’s a three year old princess!!!
    Praise our Heavenly Father for life!!!!

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