Welcome To the World, Willa

Hey all!

We’re all juggling pretty busy and somewhat exciting (most of the time) lives right now, including I (Hadassah), who become a big sister for the 7th time just about a week and a half ago! We were so excited to welcome little Willa into the world as #10 in our family and the 6th little girl (though not quite in a row), and after a long wait, she arrived healthy and adorable!

The picture above is her baptism photo taken last Sunday, which I got beautiful light in our church next to the window! Isn’t it just a sweet & touching photo? ❤

Thanks so much for the love! We’re still planning some big posts for this spring!! Keep on the lookout!

Hadassah S.

5 thoughts on “Welcome To the World, Willa

  1. Annie says:

    Aw, SO sweet! Willa is adorable. Congrats to your family! ❤️ Is Willa’s name short for something? It’s really pretty. 😊 That picture is lovely, wonderful job on your photography, you are so talented!
    So exciting!

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