Four books that you need to read this summer.

Hello there! I (Karina) hope you are having an amazing summer, I sure am! I experienced a somewhat hard summer last year, therefore enjoying my summer is definitely something on my bucket list, but that’s not the only item that I plan to check off! I don’t know about you, but I love reading and as I have grown older I have learned to appreciate self help books more than my romance novels. This summer I plan to read four (hopefully more) books to help me be the best Christian version of me… and I think you should read them too!!

Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson. I am extremely anxious and fearful person so I hope that this book will help. 🙂

Sex, Purity and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart by Kristan Clark and Bethany Beal. Girls. I read this book in a DAY and I plan to read it a few more times because it is that good. I highly recommend.

Love Defined by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird (Beal). I read this book a few months ago and absolutely loved it. It gave me a better idea of what a true Christian relationship should look like and what kind of qualities a young lady should look for in a young man. It’s definitely worth reading again.

Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. Anxiety and fear aren’t the only things I struggle with. I also struggle with loneliness and confidence, which I talked about on my latest blog post. I am a few chapters into this book and I absolutely love it. It is also worth reading a few more times.

What is on your summer reading list? Have you read any of these books?


9 thoughts on “Four books that you need to read this summer.

  1. Annie says:

    Hmm…these sound good!! 😊 I found “Uninvited” at a used book sale, and it’s looks great! I’ve also heard “Love Defined” is good, but haven’t read it yet. Do you think any of these are good for those 18+ or are they all good for the 15-17 age as well (or younger?) Thanks for these ideas!! Your posts are so fun—I look forward to them each time!

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      • Annie says:

        Awesome!! 🙂 Thank you! Btw, I know this is random, but I am currently writing a book with the subtitle “A teen’s Guide to Fighting Anxiety & Using It to Glorify God.” Later this week, I’ll be opening the Beta Reader’s Team. After reading this post and hearing you also struggled with anxiety, I thought you are maybe another team member on JY might want to be a part of the Beta Reader’s Team? I’ll be posting it on my blog later this week or next week. 🙂


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