Happy Birthday, Summer!

Happy birthday to our dearest Summer! Even though we’ve never met you in person (though we’ve seen you on video chats & love your Southern accent so much, haha!), we already feel like you’re our best friend. Thanks so much for being apart of this team! We hope you have a blessed day full of sunshine! Jesus has been so good to us by giving us YOU! Here’s to year 15…

Hadassah, on behalf of the entire JY Team ❤

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Summer!

  1. Heaven says:

    Happy birthday, Summer! I’m very glad God allowed you to be born on this day! So grateful to see your amazing and wonderful passion for the Lord! ❤❤ I hope you have an amazing and blessed day of celebration. 😊

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  2. Faith says:

    Happy Birthday, Summer! I hope you’ve had an awesome day! God bless! ❤

    (And high-five on the Southern accent. ;D I probably have some sort of one myself since I live in the South as well, but sometimes it's hard to tell, haha!)

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  3. Annie says:


    Happy birthday! I love reading your posts here-your joyfulness is always evident even through your posts! 🙂 I hope you have a lovely year being 15! 🙂


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