An Easier Take On the Capsule Closet

Hey all!

It is so crazy how fast summer snuck up on us! We (everyone that could make it, that is) got together yesterday for a super fun photoshoot, so y’all will be seeing some fun summery pictures soon!

Also, THANK YOU to you all who took our survey! I (Hadassah) had so much fun reading all of the little comments and critiques. Honestly, y’all, it helps SO much. If you haven’t taken the survey, however, you can find that here.

So… capsule closets.


When I first heard about the capsule closet, I was curious… I looked it up and asked around. I found gorgeous inspiration on how to make the perfect, go-to, minimalist closet for people who want less STUFF and more aesthetically pleasing clothes (and wardrobes!) that fit their personality and that all go together. I also found that people were investing in timeless pieces and staple basics, so that they wouldn’t need MORE later.

I absolutely loved it… but how was I to take my wardrobe now and turn it into a capsule closet?

I started looking at my closet again. I’m not a huge minimalist, but I do think that less is more and I am a little bit of a freak organizer when it comes to my closet and dresser, haha! (It really pays off to have the time to tidy up your closet every couple of weeks, especially if you share it with sisters!)

When looking at it, I quickly discovered I stick to some colors that I love: navy blue, pink (both hot pink/magenta and light pink), and then also black & white as my go-to basic colors.

Also, taking everything out of my drawers and closet helped me to see what I really needed instead of what just looked ‘cute’ in the store later.

Some basic grays and whites in my wardrobe that work all year around…

So as I found myself shopping for a summer wardrobe this year (oldest girl, so I don’t get hand-me-downs), I wasn’t surprised to see I found shades of blue, pinks, and some neutral colors such as navy and gray.

I find that when you learn what colors you like, and what look good on you, you can start looking for those when shopping and adding to your wardrobe. When you know your BASE color or colors (a neutral or two that you love), you can also pair your other colors up with those. That way, when you’re rushing out the door, you can just grab a few pieces and know that you’ll look good in them and that they’ll all work together. It does pay off to have really well made pieces, especially shoes that will last for years and fit into your styled capsule closet.

I know everyone has different styles, different body shapes, different takes on their wardrobe, so I’m not telling you to go buy this, this, or that!

As well as basic clothes, you can also add shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to the list while creating a capsule closet. Capsule closets are fun and can SO reduce the worry of finding something to wear in five minutes! My closet isn’t perfectly organized or capsulized to the dot, but I thought I would just share what I’ve found works for me! I would love to hear your thoughts & even ideas for my capsule closet! I am definitely a newbie 😉


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