The Etsy Christmas Gift Guide // 2019

Hey all!

Can you believe Christmas season is just two weeks away?? Eep, neither can I! I wanted to take a minute to say NO, I’m NOT skipping Thanksgiving this year and heading straight for Christmas! If you’re like me, you like to start Christmas shopping early before the season is actually here. So I wanted to give you all some super fun and cute ideas, all found on awesome Etsy shops. So, let’s go!

The cutest gift for a new mama in your life, or just your own! This mug is found HERE on the shop BeholdenLife. ❤

The perfect gift for a book lover!! Honestly I love this so much… xD You can find this little tote in HeartAndWillowPrints’ shop HERE.

How lovely is this for a front entry? I love this idea. The BarmyFox has such a cute shop, and you can find this gem HERE.

Perfect for your bestie! I love these little necklaces from JewelMango! You can find those HERE.

This is so sentimental and sweet, and such a popular gift on Etsy! Such an amazing idea from CaitlynMinimalist! Find these neat bracelets HERE.

I adore this cute tee! Such an amazing reminder… find those HERE at JulietRoseBoutique’s shop!

‘Cause who doesn’t love word art? Those are HERE on BellaLouBoutique’s shop!

I just love Hannah’s adorable shop @ thestripedplaidco! You can find this scrunchie (as well as other cute ones!) HERE.

How cool is this for the LOTR fan? My brother makes these in our Etsy shop, which you can find HERE.

What’s your favorite Etsy gift idea?

~Hadassah ❤

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