Praying For My Future Husband

Hey all!

I have had this post in my drafts for a while now, and have finally pulled it out again. It’s taken me a while to really form the thoughts in my head to words in a blog post! And I’ve really thought deeply about it since I first entered that subject into the line… in -eep!- September.


I first heard of this when I was about eleven or twelve, at a class that a bunch of the JY girls and I were in. Actually, it was taught by Caroline and Julianne’s mom! The class taught us how to run a home when we are married and have kiddos (how to be homemakers), how to grow in Jesus through our teen years, and had so much wisdom and insight poured into it! Honestly, when I was in that class I was nine, ten, and eleven. Or, somewhere in there. 😉 Now that I’m older, I almost wish I could re-take the class, just to see what I missed when I was younger and more immature.

Anyways, one of the things we went over was praying for our future husbands. I’m not sure how long we discussed this, but I remember thinking, “Wow. Somewhere out there, there’s a guy (hopefully and prayerfully) around my age just like me. Maybe I know him and maybe I don’t. But he’s out there. Maybe he’s growing up in a home like me, with lots of siblings- and maybe he loves Jesus like I do.”

That conversation inspired me to start praying for my future husband. At first- I was pretty young- so my prayer went something like this:

Dear God, please take care of the boy that is going to be my husband one day. Please keep him safe and help him have a good day tomorrow. Please show him your love in everything. Amen.

Short and simple right? 🙂 I prayed that one pretty much every night!


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely really started thinking about marriage and how I have to learn SO MUCH before I am ready for it! My prayer has changed now and definitely gotten longer, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I simply outgrew that short prayer and have really started thinking about what I would love in a future husband. I also know God has my future hubby all worked out and He has everything in His hands! The future is already worked out from God’s side! 😉 (Which is such a relief and blessing, isn’t it??)

This is just about how my prayer goes these days:

Dear God,

If Your plan for me is marriage, then I am so grateful and thankful for giving me my life to bless another and for us to become one someday. Please help me get ready for that in the years I have left- with patience! Though it may not be marriage, I know You have great things in store for me. I know you will give me the strength to start a family one day- if that is Your plan! If my husband is out there, wherever he may be, if I know him or not; if I do know him, and have met him, then let him notice me when the time is right- and awaken my heart at the right time. Please give him peace tonight. Help him grow in love and in YOU . Please let him know that You are God Almighty and that everything is possible with You. If he’s stressed, anxious, troubled, worried, sad: comfort Him please. Please build him up so that he may one day lead me and our family under You. Help him have a good day tomorrow, and thank you God. For everything.

So yes, I am a writer. 😉 And my prayer isn’t that exact every night. Sometimes I get sidetracked and start praying about everything. I get sidetracked, definitely! But it’s amazing, because I know God’s listening to me, He cares about me, He’s got it all worked out, and He never grows tired of hearing my prayers or worries!


Another amazing thing about God… He already knows what you’re trying to say. He already knows what’s on your mind. He understands fully and completely every. single. thing you tell Him!

So when I’m lying in bed, going, “What on earth do I say to God? How can He help me with this? How do I pray for someone I don’t even know that will one day be my husband and is out there maybe praying for me?” God’s probably smiling at my silly worries, but He understands everything and He’s got our backs!

I think it’s really special to know that God has someone out there that will one day (hopefully and prayerfully, of course) will be the perfect, exact husband for me. So I like to pray for this guy’s health, his family, his current struggles… even though I may not know him, God knows him!


I think this post is probably a lot of rambles and a lot of different thoughts put together (welcome to my brain, haha), but I’d love to hear below how you pray or prayed for your future husband! =)

Hadassah S.

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12 thoughts on “Praying For My Future Husband

  1. Heaven says:

    Beautifully written, Hadassah! I’ve actually been thinking about marraige lately, and then the post shows up in my reader. Perfect timing! I never thought to pray for my future husband, if it’s within God’s will for me to get married. This is something I may start doing. ;)<3


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