Hadassah’s Hope Chest // New Items

Hey everyone!

Happy 2020! Can you believe it? I’m trying to, haha. I’m so excited for everything this year. 2019 was an incredible year for me, including the addition of another little sister (#5 for me haha), photographing my first wedding, my first missions trip (Liberty, KY), several fun dances and parties, and so many blessings + new friendships.

I’ve talked about hope chests a few other times… here, here, and here, so you all are probably familiar with it! (If not, watch my video here!)

I wanted to share some new items that I put in recently:

I picked up this adorable little boy’s vintage shirt for $1 at my favorite local antique store in December. I am a serious sucker for vintage kid’s clothing… I pretty much fall in love with every piece I find! xD I have several little boy’s things and a few little girl’s things in my hope chest already.

This was one of my absolutely favorite childhood books… such a classic! I always loved how minimal the drawings are. Our aunt and uncle gave us a copy a while ago, so I stuck the extra in for my (hopeful!) kiddos one day.

My amazing pen pal sent me these recipe cards in a package for Christmas! They are so fun and I know I will use them one day!

Also from my amazing pen pal, this hand embroidered towel will be a perfect fit in my one day house… all my love for vintage things, haha!

What’s your favorite item in your hope chest?

Hadassah ❤

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