DIY // Refashioned Lace Pillow


Hey everyone!

I figured it was high time for another DIY, especially since the end of January into February is usually so gray and dismal… though I always appreciate that February gets a fun holiday like Valentine’s Day. Always just a mood booster! 😉

My journey into minimal waste this year has got me thinking a lot about refashioning (I loveee this lady’s book!) and upcycling. When I came across this stained, worn out skirt in the mending bin (it also had a busted zipper beyond repair), I fingered the fabric and thought how perfect it’d be to create a lacy white pillow out of it.

So, a lazy Sunday afternoon rolled around, and I got to work!

It was a pretty skirt, as you can see! Too small for me if I’d been able to fix it, but I wanted all that pretty lace anyways. 😍

There was an underskirt, so from that I cut out about two 12×12 squares. This served as the base of my pillow.

I then sewed, using a zig-zag stitch, some lace panels onto the white fabric. I didn’t really measure the lace, just eyed it and tried to save whatever I could.

Then I put the right sides of the fabric together and sewed around the edges. I left an small opening and pulled the fabric through that, so then I could see the right sides again.

Isn’t it pretty?

I then stuffed the pillow, and sewed the small opening closed. Oh, and Caroline? Please forget you saw this post. This may or not be your birthday present… 😉

Have you ever refashioned or upcycled something old into something new?

Hadassah ❤

2 thoughts on “DIY // Refashioned Lace Pillow

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