Hadassah’s Spring Wardrobe Inspiration // 2020

Whoa… where’d February go, you guys? I know it’s the shortest month in days- – and I can’t believe we’re into March now!

Now that we ARE into March, I’m sooo ready for spring! I (Hadassah) think if there’s something I’ve learned about contentment, it is in waiting for the next season to begin. My spring is going to be so busy, but I am looking forward to a lot of fun things, including a spring production (the Rockin’ Robin Hood musical!) for Savannah and me, and EASTER! ❤

Okay. XD Here’s just some things that I’ve been inspired by lately, as I look through/plan my spring wardrobe…

I’ve been loving wearing midi skirts this winter with tights, boots, and sweaters, and I can’t wait to wear springy tops with them now! Isn’t this floral skirt so fun from NeeSee’s? (Bummed it’s out of stock though.) An easy outfit for an April Sunday.

Okay, so Courtney Toliver (Guthrie) is all over our Pinterest, because her outfits are just so classy! I would love to find more of these simple dresses for springtime. Super easy to just slip on and head out the door! Now if I could just find one in navy…

Love the easy, minimalistic white tee (those sleeves!) and jean skirt from Roolee! Makes me want to go visit a greenhouse, you know? (Or a picnic- even better!)

Love this jumper! And those shoes. 😍

If you know me, you know I am a suckerrrrr for blue and pink- especially navy and light pink. (My closet is built around those two colors, haha.) This outfit is so pretty! And I love her wedges!

For the cooler days of spring… I love the linen look to it!

– A C C E S O R I E S –

I have a hat like this hanging on my closet door, and I’ve been working on incorporating it into my wardrobe (yes, I am one of those if-I’m-not-wearing-it-I-have-guilt people 😂). Now if someone could just take me to the beach…

Love the vintage-y scarf tied up in a bun! There’s so many neat ideas on Pinterest for tying scarves into hair, and I’ve been inspired recently to use a few of the scarves I have in this way. Of course I’m leaning towards florals for spring… but stripes are classy too. 😉

Another cute one!

As I am an avid writer, I saw this necklace on Etsy and just thought it was so fun! I’ve been a fan of the minimal jewelry look forever, and am definitely adding this to my wishlist. 😉

These shoes! Aren’t they just so neat? Also found on Etsy… I love oxfords, and just couldn’t resist sharing these!

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Hadassah ❤

9 thoughts on “Hadassah’s Spring Wardrobe Inspiration // 2020

  1. Eliana says:

    I really like the black skirt and the white with blue flowered midi. I have a long maxi dress that is from Neeses (that is spelled wrong, but I’m to lazy to figure out the correct spelling XD) and it is SOOOOOO COMFY!!!❤️


  2. Heaven says:

    Oh my goodness! So cute!! I really like that floral skirt from NeeSee’s. Hopefully they get it back in stock soon. I might buy it! 😀 Hmm, favorite thing about Spring? Probably being able to take photos of all the flowers that are blooming. ❤


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