20 Easy Weekday Mood Boosters

Hey you guys!

Do you ever feel kinda ‘blrg’ in the middle of the week? I know I do! Especially when the weather’s gray and school drags on into the evening…

Below is just some super easy mood boosters that I’ve found help me stay concentrated and raise my spirits. Whether it’s Wednesday and you can’t wait for your weekend, or you need a quick mood booster for Monday, I hope these help!

  • Drink some tea (current love: blueberry or daily detox)
  • Go running… if you’re a runner 😉
  • Take a romp in the woods (if you have any trees around)
  • Wash your face, brush your teeth, brush your hair (weird I know, but somehow it helps!)
  • Take a walk/ grab the mail
  • Walk your dog (or your turtle… cat… whatever 😉 )
  • Doodle something totally random
  • Watercolor
  • Write a letter to your best friend
  • Stretch
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Put lemon or citrus oil into your essential oil diffuser
  • Call your grandparents/aunt/uncle/cousin
  • Read a favorite magazine
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Take a dance break
  • Go to the mirror and smile (seriously, do it!)
  • Bake some cookies
  • Play with a baby (this one always works for me 😉 )
  • Organize something (I’m weird like that, yes.)

Have an awesome weekend y’all!


p.s. Spring is almost here!! Ohio’s been so gorgeous lately… I’m so excited. xD

7 thoughts on “20 Easy Weekday Mood Boosters

  1. Alivia says:

    These are such great tips!! I live in the South-West part of Ohio and I have loved seeing little bits if spring here and there.



  2. horsehappy14 says:

    I am kind of new to the blog here, but I love everything I have seen! You guys are such and encouragement! Thank you for all the wonderful posts, I truly have enjoyed reading them. You really have inspired me!
    If you would like to check out my blog, I will leave a link. 🙂



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