Happy Birthday, Julianne!

You guys, it’s this girl’s birthday today!

Julianne has been such an awesome person on the team. As many of you know, Julianne’s been busy at college for a while, and we’ve missed seeing her face around the blog! But she is such an encouragement behind the scenes on our JY messages or emails.

I (Hadassah) met Julianne ten years ago this past Valentine’s Day, and since then, she has been such an awesome older sister to me. I’m so glad Jesus made our paths cross. ❤

We hope you have an awesome day Julianne! We love your sweet personality and caring spirit. Keep shining for Jesus.


Hadassah, on behalf of the JY team + all our lovely readers ❤

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Julianne!

  1. Julianne K. says:

    Thank you so much, Dassah!!! I really appreciate your kind words! I’m very thankful that God allowed our paths to cross! You’ve been a very special friend to me! 😘

    I’ve really missed posting on Joyfully You and I hope to get involved again really soon! So thankful for you all!

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