Lots of Sunshine // (Favorite Music, Books, Links, & Loves, Lately)

Hey lovely people!

Are you the kind of person that gets those creative spells at night? I really am, lol. Once nine o’ clock hits, my brain is ON, and my pen is flying across paper or onto my to-do list. It’s awesome, and that is the time of day that all of my creativity is flowing and I (Hadassah) have a billion ideas. Of course, I go to bed at ten and my brain is still on- – which isn’t ideal, but I take it as it comes. ^_^

That’s how it was last night, as I was brainstorming posts for JY- and then I realized… um, yes! We all need some sunshine, right?

So. Today I wanted to share everything I’ve been loving lately… books, music, links, projects… everything in one big blog post. Because we have a lot of sunshine still comin’ through this crazy time. And I hope some of this will encourage you!


This song always alwayyss puts me in a good mood! NEEDTOBREATHE is an amazing Christian band & I love listening to their music.

And this one? What an amazing medley. The Piano Guys are just awesome. 🙂

Audrey Assad’s Inheritance album is perfect for studying, relaxing, or even baking. Go listen to the whole thing!

I’ve enjoyed learning about enneagrams recently, and just love this album by Sleeping at Last. (I’m a type one, if you were wondering 😉 ).


As I’ve gotten into zero waste this year, I loved this book so much I got it for myself. SO eye-opening! Elizabeth Cline is an incredible impact on eco-fashion.

As I’ve always been curious about the capsule closet, I loved learning about Courtney Carver’s 3/33 project. If you’re looking to minimize your closet, this book is for you!

Yes, I read a lot of random stuff. xD But Joel Salatin’s “Folks, This Ain’t Normal,” was an awesome read and also, so eye-opening! I know some of you aren’t farmer girls like I am, but this one was a great read for anyone.

I was told I needed to read this series, so I just started on The Green Ember, and am liking it! You can find the first book here (and if you have Kindle Unlimited, score!).


Loveeeed this post from Striped Plaid- she does the best posts, you guys!! I am an avid letter writer/envelope decorator, and this one gave me lots of ideas on what to stick in letters, etc. Go check it out!

I have loved A Clothes Horse’s blog (& IG feed!) for a long time now, and I enjoy seeing her aesthetic pictures and gorgeous outfits! Here’s her fun blog.

Little Coffee Fox‘s blog is so inspirational if you love watercolor/doodling/bullet journaling!


I love this board on JY’s Pinterest! Quarantine means lots of time to play with my hair, and I have enjoyed playing with it for sure! 😉

Because, how fun are milkmaid braids? Love this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. ❤

Dayspring has these amazing ecards for sharing encouragement through this pandemic! (God’s got this, y’all!)

I’m so glad the sun is shining outside and the flowers are blooming. ❤ If you can, go outside and enjoy it! Spring makes my heart so happy and I cannot wait for summer! (^^ our beautiful tree has the most gorgeous pink flowers right now…eep!)




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