Ten Random Acts of Kindness! // (Guest Post)

Hello, everyone! My name is Alivia Henderson and I am the writer behind the blog, Perfectly Imperfect. I have the great pleasure of getting to be a guest here today! 

Today I am talking about Random Acts of Kindness. So let’s get started! 

A Random Act of Kindness is just what it sounds like. It’s an act of kindness that you do randomly or out of the blue. 

During this crazy, stressful, I-am-done-with-being-stuck-at-home time, an act of kindness can really brighten someone’s day. Whether that’s sending someone a card to brighten their day, or buying them dinner, even the littlest of things can make someone smile. During this time, a smile can go a long way. So here are some little Random Acts of Kindness you can do during quarantine. 

1- Send a card

I love sending cards. Something about sending someone a heartfelt letter and some other goodies, makes me smile. Recently, during my endless scrolling through Pinterest, I came across something that would be so fun to mail to a loved one or friend. It’s called, “Sending a hug.” 

Find how to mail a hug here. 

You can also find some cool pen-pal ideas, here and here. Thestripedplaid.com recently posted some really cute pen-pal ideas! 

2- A Little Something For the Mail Carriers

During this global pandemic, mail carriers are hard at work! Delivering the letters we want to send to friends, packages of things we’ve ordered, medications, masks being mailed to others, and so much more. Without them, how would we get these things to people around the world? 

I saw this brilliant idea of leaving some little treats for mail carriers during their busy days; here and here.

How sweet is this? Leaving little treats for the mail carriers during their busy days, and long hours. 

3- Leave a Nice Tip

Now, I know that dine-in is closed, so waitresses aren’t working as much, but it is still nice to leave a generous tip for pizza deliverers, carryout deliverers, or even in a tip jar. It can definitely make someone’s day. 

4- Pay For Someone’s Meal

This random act is something that is perfect in drive-through lines. Pay for the person behind you’s meal. If you are in the drive-through line at Chick-Fil-A or any place that sells ice cream, buy an ice cream cone for them. It would definitely make someone’s day. 

5- Leave a Note

This is something that I have been doing recently. Leaving little notes, bible verses, and encouraging words in little places. At the store, in a library book, under a rock somewhere, any place someone would notice and smile. 

6- Leave a Dollar

This is such a cool thing to do! You leave a dollar bill (or more) at a vending machine, in the dollar store, or some quarters at the laundromat, so someone can treat themselves with a dollar some kind person left for them. 

7- Kindness Ticket

I love this idea! Leave a note in someone’s windshield with an encouraging verse, a quote, or something that would make someone smile, as if it looks like a ticket. 

8- A Blessing Bag

Fill a gallon-sized bag with goodies for someone. Like a homeless person, or even a stray dog or cat you see.  You could include:

-A bottle of water

-Some money

-A bag of chips

-Toothpaste and a toothbrush

-Snacks of sorts

This one is obviously for a person, not an animal, but you can create something for a stray dog or cat you see on a walk or while you are out. (However, it is funny to picture a dog or cat walking into a store and buying something.) 

9- A Random Compliment

Giving someone a compliment can surely make them smile! Whether that’s telling them you like what they are wearing, or that they are nice, or even that you are thankful for them, it can definitely make a difference. 

10- A Random Text 

Send a text/email to someone you haven’t talked to in a while saying that you are thinking of them and even praying for them. This can let that person know that you care about them during this crazy time we call, “life.”

These are just 10 Random Acts of Kindness that you can do, but there are so many more! Thank you all for reading this, and thank you to the JY team for letting me be a guest here today, I certainly had a blast. 

I pray that you all are doing well and that you stay safe. 

With love, 


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