Sunday Wildflowers // Photoshoot

If you know me at all, you know that:

a) I get super poetic in springtime, b) I love love love nature and wildflowers and more nature & c) I love playing with self portraiture.

Future note to whomever wants to court me? Bring me wildflowers & I’m your girl. Just kidding. xD Okay, but seriously… πŸ˜‚

Anwaysss… I thought it’d be fun to share with y’all this photoshoot I (Hadassah) did yesterday afternoon. There’s this gorgeous quiet marsh next to our house and we have the best neighbor who lets us explore and tromp around in it. I have loved taking my camera out there recently, and yesterday decided to take some self-portraits using my camera and tripod.

dress: thrifted // sweater: thrifted

I know I mentioned recently how I’ve been addicted to milkmaid braids, and yes… it’s so true! I love the whimsical feeling of wearing them all day (yes, I’m wearing them right now) and I also love that the sky was so gray and overcast, making my dress/sweater stand out.

This marsh is so peaceful… and not the kind of ‘buggy’ marsh you think of. Mostly dry, actually… a peaceful clearing with wild bunnies and lots of singing birds. Perfect for reading Jane Austen, I think. πŸ˜‰

What’s something you’ve been blessed by recently?


19 thoughts on “Sunday Wildflowers // Photoshoot

  1. Heaven says:

    Your dress is so gorgeous! I really like it. πŸ˜€ As of lately, I have been blessed with spending more time with God. Ever since being on quarantine, I have made it more of an effort to do so. It has been a tremendous experience!


  2. Faith says:

    Lovely photoshoot! I really should try the milkmaid braid look sometime… It’s something I think about doing sometimes, but then it’s seems like I’ve never taken time enough to play around with it. πŸ˜› It looks great on you! πŸ™‚

    There are so many things, but one thing I’ve been blessed by recently is to be able to take college classes online. And on top of that, Sophia — the program that I’m taking the classes through — is offering their online courses for free for the next few months, which has been such a blessing!


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