How To // Maximize Your Wardrobe

Last year I did a post about my ‘easier take on the capsule closet,’ which was just a pretty basic how-to on minimizing your clothes: i.e. finding what colors are your favs and what colors you tend to gravitate towards, taking everything out and seeing what you really love and what you could get rid of… that post is here for you to check out. 😉

But, what’s maximizing your wardrobe? One of the definitions of maximize is “make the best use of.” One of my goals for 2020 is to be minimizing my waste, and through my small eco-journey this year, I’ve read a lot of books on zero waste as well as minimalism and simplistic wardrobes (love this book!).

Side note, I (Hadassah) love fashion and I love that God has given us so many different ways of letting others see Him in us, including how we dress. I also love that we have so many ways of complimenting the body God gifted us with.

So. What is my take on maximizing your wardrobe? Simply put:

*making the most out of your wardrobe by really giving every piece its full potential and finding new ways to let each piece shine.*

And here’s some tips on how to do that…

1: Play dress up

‘Kayy, call me crazy, but I do this sometimes when I’m bored. I adore my wardrobe and I love playing with colors and patterns and outfits. So every once in a while, I’ll play dress up within my own closet. It’s honestly a really fun way to get inspiration for new outfits (instead of going and buying new pieces!) and I love doing it. An example is just taking one basic dress and seeing how you could…

  1. Dress it up… or down!
  2. Accessorize it
  3. See what other colors work with it! (try coral and army green or bright yellow and cobalt blue- sometimes it works!)

2: Inspiration boards

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing the same outfits on repeat- and not really wearing anything else that’s in my wardrobe. And when this happens, I need inspiration. The most fun way for me is to look at Pinterest and gather inspiration into boards, but I also love noting other people’s outfits in my head. In my drama class I love seeing what everyone’s wearing and how specific pieces fit their personality. Some outfits look so unique and perfect on them.

Gather inspiration and experiment with your wardrobe. It’s fun, trust me! 😉

*if you’re good at art, I know some people love drawing outfit inspiration on paper!*

love this ThredUp tag! One of my favorite companies.

3: Purge

I think every closet needs a good purge at times. If there’s anything you don’t, won’t, or wouldn’t wear, take it out. Donate it, give it to someone in need, etc. Why have clothes in your closet that take up valuable space?

You can maximize by really wearing the pieces you love!

4: Find those timeless pieces

Timeless pieces are awesome. I have this gray pleated skirt I wear pretty much in every season. It looks the best in autumn, but I get away with it by wearing floral tops in the warmer seasons. You could maximize your wardrobe in so many ways! For example, by wearing that tee you love- – all year long. I live in Ohio, so I could pair it with:

  • a sweater in the autumn
  • a midi skirt for spring
  • under a sleeveless dress in summer… or
  • toss it over a basic long-sleeved shirt for cold winter days

I hope these help you all out with your wardrobes. I’d love to hear your thoughts below… —>

What’re some ways you maximize your wardrobe?


11 thoughts on “How To // Maximize Your Wardrobe

  1. Alisa Wong says:

    Purge and timeless pieces are great tips, Hadassah! It’s so challenging to let go sometimes. I think it helps to invest in good quality items that work well with your style and go with many other outfits too.


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