How To // Make Your Outfits Shine

I was inspired to share this post with you all because for a while now people have asked me, “How do you make an outfit more creative?” (And thank you, Magaidh, for suggesting this post! 😉 )

I loveee working with my clothes and thought it’d be super fun to share some of my creative ways that make my outfits shine. Some of these tips are more specific, but some you can easily incorporate into a way that fits your style.

1: Too-short dress? Add Leggings

I adore wearing tunics/short dresses with leggings around the house! This is my go-to outfit for baby-sitting, as it’s modest when you’re crawling all over the floor with the littles and just easier to be more comfortable in. Throw a baseball cap on and some tennis shoes, and you look sporty. 😉

(Dress- ThredUp // leggings- Amazon // shoes- gifted.)

2: No waist? Belt It.

I love this belt as it goes with everything! I got it off Amazon a few years ago for a cousin’s wedding, and it’s gotten many uses since. It is actually the only belt in my closet! If you have a looser dress or shirt, accent your waistline with a belt.

(Dress- thrifted // belt- Amazon // hat- Poshmark.)

3: Take In Your Tee

I use those little white or clear loom bands to take a tee in, or sometimes just a plain hairband. It’s an easy way to make an airy, baggy shirt more feminine & fitting. You can also do this to those awesome ‘oversized’ sweaters that I always seem to live in through winter. 😂

(Shirt- thrifted // skirt- thrifted.)

4: Mix & Match Patterns

I love mixing patterns, and adore seeing when people nail that skill! My closet is generally solid or muted patterns, which helps when you love + add a brighter, patterned piece to your closet. Stripes & floral is my favorite combo currently.

(Dress- thrifted // shirt- thrifted.)

5: Layer Your Bracelets

I’ve discovered I love wearing more than one bracelet! I’m not a huge jewelry person honestly (I’m often holding my baby sister- who loves pulling dangle earrings or breaking necklaces, so I save those for special occasions), but sometimes it’s more fun to wear three bracelets than a delicate one. Sometimes layering works for necklaces too!

(All three bracelets were gifted over the years.)

6: Add A Pop of Color

Especially in the autumn and winter, I tend to dress in darker colors like burgundy or navy. I love adding a pop of color like my go-to pink crossbody or these favorite headbands. It makes my outfit more joyful + cheery!

(Cardigan- thrifted // skirt- thrifted // bag- TJ Maxx (old) // same belt- Amazon // headband- Amazon // necklace- gifted // undershirt- Amazon.)

7: Your Hairstyle Matters Too

I’d say my hair usually completes my outfit! If I’m looking for more of a fancy occasion, my hair generally goes up in a fancy bun or halfway style. Running to the library, babysitting, or thrifting/antiquing with my Nana, it’ll be in a messy bun. A high ponytail looks sporty and a simple braid looks summery. Remember to consider your hair when choosing an outfit!


“Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”

-1 Peter 3:3-4

I hope these tips encouraged you! Remember a smile is the best accessory, and God sees the heart, not the clothes or the hair. ❤ It’s something I have to remember all the time!

What are some ways you add a creative sparkle to your outfit?


11 thoughts on “How To // Make Your Outfits Shine

  1. horsehappy14 says:

    I loved reading this!! Normally I’m just a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, but i still think it is fun to see posts like this! I definitely could use these ideas!
    I enjoy doing my hair in different styles, as well as wearing cute/nice shoes!


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