The Nightingale Co. // Unboxing A Fun Package!

Hey guys!

As many of you know, Magaidh is our new collaborator for this summer, and I was so elated when she asked if I’d be up to doing a review of her super fun shop on Mercari. She sent me (Hadassah) a box of fun envelopes and included some sweet surprises… let’s have some fun as I take you through the unboxing!

I love these brown envelopes with the magazine designs in the insides! It’s such a neat idea, and such a surprise for whomever opens it!

These vacay-inspired envelopes were made out of a vintage 1977 Arizona magazine! How cool, and… if you know me this year, eco-friendly! 😉

This was just the sweetest surprise!! Made out of an Ohio map, I love these unique envelopes and had fun finding my little city. 😍

The cutest mini envelope! I enjoyed sending this one to a friend the other day- something special to get in the mail is always a surprise!

I love Magaidh’s packaging, surprises, and she shipped so quickly! Go check out her adorable shop, the Nightingale Stationary Co.! (Which envelope set is your favorite? I just couldn’t decide!)


11 thoughts on “The Nightingale Co. // Unboxing A Fun Package!

  1. Summer Gazaway says:

    This is so awesome!! I was looking at her shop that other day, it’s so unique and fun! I love all the different types of materials she recycles to use to make envelopes with!

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