Happy Birthday, Geneva!

Happy birthday Geneva!

I can’t believe it’s this lovely lady’s birthday today!! Geneva is one of the most joyful souls I’ve ever met and I am so blessed that I get to call her my friend. She is more like a sister to me (Hadassah) all the time, and has been SUCH a blessing in my life! I met her in 2016 at her family’s house, and she joined our team in 2017 when we started Joyfully You. She’s such an encouragement behind the scenes, with sweet texts and emails in between classes and busy life.

She has such a heart for Jesus, for helping others, and for loving everyone around her. She’s been at college in Canada (she’s from Ohio) for a few years now, and has been working at a camp in northern Ohio this summer. To say the least, we all miss her very much! Happy birthday Gigi!! We love you!



p.s. Also! Charlotte had a birthday on June 30th! Happy birthday girlie! If you want to see what she’s been up to as a new mama + wife, she has a beautiful Instagram page here.

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